The Career Of The Finance Controller

If you like numbers and wish to have a different job profile than just book-keeping, finance controller is one to go for. Most of the finance controllers come with the background in accounting, but their job and responsibilities are broadened.

Their duties are related to:

  • Taxes
  • Audits
  • Accounting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business performance reports
  • Budgets

The bigger corporations might have the job positions like treasurers, chief financial officer, and controller. However the finance controller is usually found to be on the top. The finance controller individual has the knowledge of the aspects of the company’s finances.


The finance controller is the high profile position in any organization. The qualification/degree required for this position includes advanced degree in accounting, business administration, or MBA in finance. It also requires a considerable work experience in the corporate world of accounting. An individual can also become a finance controller with the CPA certification. The topics covered in the degree are:

  • Financial analysis
  • Accounting
  • Studying taxes
  • Financial reporting and planning
  • Internal controls
  • Regulatory and audit compliance

The similar job positions can be fiancé director, finance analysts, finance managers, finance executive etc.

No doubt, career in finance and banking is one of the most lucrative and high paying. Students who are keen enough to find more information on how to build better career in this field can check the resources online which can help you in finding more information.

What Does Finance Controller Do

Having the complete knowledge in finance, the finance controller job is to prepare budgets, reports, financial statements, cost analysis reports, profit and loss statements and forecasts. Apart from this, the professional also plays a vital role in suggesting cost cutting and spending and supervising the company books.

The job profile expects that the bookkeeping is up to the mark and the documents are appropriately documented. Additionally, the finance controller also provides financial advice to the CEO of the company and suggests necessary changes.

Prospects And Pay

As per the recent research finance controller stand the brighter chances of earning wealthily as the majority of the positions are high profiled than usual accounting categories.

The job prospects are always in demand and the farther growth is good.  The pay scale varies depending on the company and the roles and responsibilities it includes. The entire job prospects depend on the qualification and experience. The more you have the more you get.