The Big HomeHost ASP Hosting

One of the big home hosting that ever existed is Homehost ASP Hosting. This company entered the market in 2004, makes it have been well known for its customer. The service this company gives makes its customer satisfied and stays being its loyal customer. Besides, the company also always makes innovations and improvements in order to follow the change of technology and be a better company to keep the satisfactory of its customer. You can visit them in br for further information.

ASP Hosting

The company always tries to make the customer enjoy their life with many easiness it can gives for them, makes it well known to listening, understanding, and satisfy the customer. This web hosting tries to improve their service for its customer and lower the complaining from its customer. Its big name is a result from the hard work of every part of the company. Here below are the superiorities of this company.

1.   Stability speed

The company services web hosting, dedicated server, and reseller hosting that still in plans, located in three locations, two of it located in Brazil that take location in Brasil Telecom (Hi) and GVT. It has 10 Gbps backbone to ensure the speed so that it would make the world seems smaller and makes the space between the customer and the server closer than the real one.

The data center of this company located in Munich, Germany which has direct channel with the one in Brazil through Level 3, Telia, and M-Net. The direct channel ensures the customer get the stability speed and higher rate for Brazilian users. The connection provided by this web hosting known as the fastest speed ever provided in Brazil. This superiority makes the company can ensure to gives the best services and data connectivity for its customers.

2.   Available connection anytime

The connection provided by Homehost ASP Hosting will ensure you to get the best services from the technicians who will monitor the work of the web hosting in providing the data connectivity. The technicians are the professional and qualified one, so that you don’t have to doubt to trust the company as your server of data connectivity.

The technicians will monitor and ensure the speed of the connectivity works properly in 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, no matter it takes. You don’t have to bother the connectivity even if it in Christmas or New Year, you can still enjoy the fastest and most reliable data connectivity.

3.   Maximum uptime of electricity

The electricity of the company in data server supported by UPS and diesel generators. This makes the electricity can support the data connectivity properly. When the outage of the electricity down, the UPS or generators will starts to support the electricity so that the data connectivity still goes on.

The company works with DELL and Cisco system in order to provide the services in web hosting, dedicated server and reseller hosting that still being in plans. It proves that the company works with the other best company in their field. There’s no doubt again that this company is the best web hosting company ever.