The Best Free Virus Protection

Antivirus protection is a must on any electronic device which connects to internet. It is more important for devices working on Windows based software to ensure safety against all kind of viruses, Trojans or malwares. No matter how cautious you are in your browsing habits, the attackers have devised ingenious ways to getting through your system as long as you do not have a first class antivirus system installed.

Antivirus programs

Antivirus programs are available in all type of configurations for all kind of users, but many users are either unwilling, or unable to pay for a paid version. Most antivirus designing firms offer free versions for such users.  These free virus protection softwares are available for home users with limited features as compared to a paid version. In our opinion, Avast, a Czech security company is leading the pack with their free virus protection version. The free virus protection version offers widespread and cutting edge protection from malware threats. It also offers some other computer security features bundled in the package.


What Makes Avast Free Antivirus 2015 a Better Free Virus Protection Software?

Many features in interface, performance and ease in operation make this application an all round best free virus protection choice in comparison to its competitors on the market:

Ease of Handling and User friendliness

    • Easy availability on all the leading software download sites. You just have to type Avast antivirus 2015 free download in your browser window and a million sites will offer you to download. But the most recommended is the official site since there is no chance of an infected file download from the official site.
    • Reach the site and look for Essential Avast Free Antivirus section. Just click and download the free version. Install it after saving it on your computer.
    • As soon as the installation is complete, an alert will ask you to update your virus and spyware protection files. Just do it.
    • Register your copy of the free virus protection software and set up and Avast account by engaging the related tab on top of the screen. The registration process will recommend you to upgrade to paid version for an annual subscription of $49.99. You can opt for paid version with enhanced features any time during the use but be sure that you really need all those additional features.
    • You will also be offered a free trial for Avast internet security during the installation process. Just stay with the basic protection as you opted for this in first place. The installation process will take anything up to 10 or less minutes depending upon the power of our system and speed of your internet connection (since the time includes updating of definition files online).
    • Avast Antivirus 2015 is a fantastic free virus protection with a graceful black interface with four main front tabs representing computer, web, identity and email protection. You can enable or disable these specific protections from these tabs. A scan button on the main enables you to choose from a variety of scans including in depth system scan.
    • In addition to computer scan settings, there is an option to scan attached storage devices like USB sticks/external hard drives with Removable media scan button. A user can scan a single folder as well with Select folder to scan option.
    • A boot-time scan starts when computer restarts. Avast pause the Windows loading, displays a DOS-like text screen, and start the scan of operating system for rootkits and malware which are otherwise difficult to eradicate from a running Windows system.
    • In addition to detecting pre-installed malware, Avast provides user with Mail Shield, Identity Shield and Web Shield. Mail Shield makes your mail safe from malicious links and attachments, Identity Shield protects you from identity theft while browsing and Web Shield blocks dangerous URLs during your browsing sessions.
    • A tab of option on the top right hand corner gives you complete access to any operation which you intend performing (while remaining in the main window).
    • Security performance of this free virus protection software is outstanding with tests proving the antivirus blocking 94% of the previously unknown malware attacks and 98% of the known and widespread viruses.
    • System Impact and load. An ideal antivirus program must perform scans remaining in the background, and alerts you only when it detects a problem. Additionally, it must not tax the PC resources to slow it down even while performing a scan. Numerous performance test carried out on the software proved it to be the best in its class in terms of not slowing down or impacting computer performance or taxing the system resources. Even with the system scans running, you would hardly notice a dip in your computer performance, unless you are running high graphics games or videos simultaneously.
    • ON the go security. My Avast online console has been impressively improved, making it easy to install Avast from any computer without digging for a license key. Secure HTTPS Scans prevent malicious phishing that redirect your browser away from trusted websites to malicious ones. Secure Line VPN is built-in client which is easy to set up, with extreme reliability in service and speed to ensure your online safety. The measure of effectiveness of this feature can be gauged from this fact that you can even connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots in community places.
    • The Saga of Prevention Continues. Avast Free Antivirus’ fresh Smart Scan digs deep into your system for viruses and vulnerabilities. It also analyse and suggest software updates for outdated installed programs, inspects security of your connection network, and recommends measures to improve your PC’s performance. With one effective scan you can check all the spots in your machine where malware can be present e.g. un patched vulnerabilities found in outdated applications and unprotected home network security.
    • Seamless Quick Installation: This free virus protection packs an even speedier installation than the last edition. User can customize protection and program options. The express setup and the initial scan takes less than a two minutes to complete (updating the definition files may take longer depending upon your connection speed.

    The last Word

    Avast Free Antivirus’ 2015 is undoubtedly the best antivirus protection on the market at present. It is no wonder that the manufacturer claims to have 230 million users world wide. The claim seems to be substantiated by the quality improvements and updates which set the app apart. For the users it is not just an antivirus program, it is designed to be a complete security kit with preventive features and a powerful system scan engine. Smart Scan goes a long way in trouble shooting with viruses and prevents problems with the system. The antivirus engine is solid in itself. With such vital features solidly defined, Avast can focus its efforts on virus detection technology more than ever before.