The Astounding Regime Of Using BNC Connector In The Cable World

BNC is mainly used for connecting radio frequencies. It is a type of coaxial cable and it is mainly used for joining data networks and audio/video applications to radios, computers and TVs. If anyone is looking for a connector to connect the computers, radios or any other electronic equipment, then BNC Connector can be a very good option.

These kinds of connectors are mainly used for military services and it has gained a numerous acclaim in video as well as RF applications to 2 GHz. It is mainly used for analog and serial digital interface video signals, amateur radio antennas, aerospace electronics and test equipment.

BNC Connector come in two kinds of resistance. The 50 ohm and the 75 ohm connectors and it can be matched with the kind of cable you are using. The 75 ohm connectors’ sometime faces problems and that is why people prefer to use the 50 ohm connector more.

Both are slightly different in dimensions. But if used with a proper care the 75 ohm connector is also seen working for a long time. These two connectors are fixed at 4 and 2 GHz respectively. Another kind of connector called the 95 ohm connector is also found but they are most suitable for using in the aerospace sector.