Ten Ways to Save Big Bucks at Big Box Club Stores

Big box membership club stores, like Sam’s Club and Costco, can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Before you venture into their stadium sized stores, its best to put on your athletic shoes for the trek and make a shopping plan to maximize your savings. How can you pack the greatest savings into your cart? Here are some tips for the best items to buy:

save money

Vitamins, Supplements and Pain Relievers

Here is one product that it pays to buy in bulk. For example, one may buy a 50 count of a name brand pain reliever like Tylenol, Advil or Aleve for $5-6 at a regular store. At a club store you can get a 300-500 count bottom for $15-17. If you opt for a generic, that price drops to $10-12.

Frozen Foods

To buy food in bulk, your family should be able to eat it before it reaches the end of its shelf life. Unless you are a family of rabbits, you probably wouldn’t buy a ton of lettuce, because most of it would go to waste. Your freezer is like a time machine, saving food until you want to eat it. Try double-bagging food, using Ziploc bags or trash bags, to prevent freezer burn, and you can double the time it will stay freezer fresh.

Canned Goods

You can buy these in bulk because they have nearly unlimited shelf life. It is also a good idea to have a large supply of canned food on hand in case of a natural disaster.

Televisions and Electronics.

How are the big box stores able to have such great deals on products with so much competition and small profit margins? Its store space. Smaller stores can’t have as many bulky items like TVs on hand, because of lack of space. That gargantuan store lets them buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you. They also love to get you in the door with great deals so you will be there to shop their store.


Everything that is true for the TV and Electronics is true for furniture. They also have deals online, which have very reasonable shipping costs. Their well-established supply chain and warehousing ability and shipping divisions pay off for the consumer, even on such physically large items like a table or couch.

Office Supplies

If you own a company with an office, you can buy everything from pens and printer paper to coffee to cleaning supplies all in one place. You will save money and trips to the store with these one-stop purchases. Sam’s Club also has an easy re-order system for frequently purchased items. The only thing better than one trip to the store is no trip to the store. You may want to go anyway, because it’s fun!

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