Technology Companies That Made It to the Top of Fortune 500 List

When we talk about a sector that has outperformed all other sectors over the past decade, we are definitely talking about the technology or IT sector. Companies that started in a room made it to the top of fortune 500 list in a period of less than a year.


Here are the top 7 technology companies that made it to fortune 500 using their unique products.

  • Google

Started in a lab by two research candidates and their mentor, Google transformed itself into a multi-million venture in less than a decade. It also marked its presence felt with a huge response in its IPO. The IPO received a response that no other IT company ever did.

  • Facebook

Started in a dorm of Harvard, the social media platform is now one of the largest companies on the planet. It not only the most popular platform, but it also has more users than the population of China the most populated country of the planet.

  • Qualcomm

The manufacturers of heart and soul of modern day smartphones and tablets, the company was the first to come up with integrated boards for mobiles with huge computing capabilities. They are now the providers of processors for a large number of smartphone, especially the budget smartphones.

  • Adobe

When you talk about creative tools, Adobe is the company, which has made a mark with its great creative suits like dreamweaver, photoshop etc. The company is open to new ideas and is known for its openness to ideas from all levels of employees.

  • Mathworks

If you have ever done any research work, you would have stumbled upon Matlab, the flagship product of mathworks. Started from a laboratory in MIT the company is a huge company, which provides a large number of mathematical tools.

  • Apple

Talking of technology, you should never miss out Apple. The California based brand is the uncrowned king of the consumer electronic products. Unlike most brands Apple is never concerned about pricing, they make a product, release at a huge price tag and there are loyal customers who pay for the huge R&D expenses of the company.

  • LinkedIn

Started as a platform to connect co-workers the social platform is not transforming into the world’s largest job search portal. It is available on web and as application on all popular mobile platforms. The success of the platform is gradual and the company is expecting huge growth with the integration of Job searches.


When you look at the logos of the top brands, you will find them very easy to draw. It is easy to draw the logos, if you learn how to draw brands of the world step-by-step. The elements of the logos are simple and can be drawn very easily. If you are beginning to draw, it is suggested to start drawing on mobile platform, as it is easier to start and has better prospects.