Sun Capital Partners, Inc. leverages to transform results

In the world of intense competition, Sun Capital Partners- the renowned private equity firm have helped numerous companies to improve their business and survive all forms of challenges. This company under the expert management of Marc Leder and Rodger Krouse took the business of private equity to another level.

Sun Capital Partner

Started from scratch, they were always interested in helping those companies who are not performing according to the expectations but had high potential in them. There are various strategies through which these private equity firms operate. It includes leveraged buyout, venture capital and growth capital. Among these strategies, the leverage buyout is one of the most preferred procedure through which the Sun Capital Partners have saved many firms from being bankrupt.

In simpler words, leveraged buyout refers to the procedure of purchasing a company or an asset in definite combination of equity and debt capital. But a significant portion of total capital is debt capital and hence it is known as a leveraged buyout as the company leverages itself by way of borrowed funds. As it happened in the case of Frye Copy Systems. Sun Capital Partners Inc., acquired it in the year 1996. Renaming it to Atlas Cos., they rebuilt the firm and made it profitable. In the year 2002, they sold it in huge profit.

Gradually, since the inception in the year 1995, Sun Capital Partners have evolved into a global private equity firm. It is recognized worldwide for its investment and expertise in a variety of industries and companies. It is invested in more than 330 companies with precise transaction structures. At the beginning, it targeted all those companies which are experiencing a downturn and helped it to overturn the results.

After two decades of exceptional service, Sun Capital Partners still focuses on those companies that are operationally challenged. This performance improvement of these companies with unlimited potential is driven by partnering with competent management teams and utilizing the available resources optimally. It is also supported by a team of able and capable in-house professionals who before joining in this company spent several years in operating business.

Marc Leder , the co-chief executive officer of this company always ensured to put up a comprehensive effort while they are looking to improve the performance of a specific company. There are many firms who overlook the internal factors that contribute to the final results. The company invests in formalized culture studies for each company and then work to improve the culture, an important factor to decide the final performance. With the term culture, it signifies four different attributes. They are adaptability, mission, involvement and consistency.

Now, it has around $ 10 billion of capital under management. It focuses on the companies which have operating revenue above $1.5 billion or sales between $50 million and $500 million. Marc Leder has hired proficient employees with profound expertise that enables it to close deals in quick time. All the deals are closed within 30 days which may take several months by other such services. This professional approach makes Sun Capital Partners, Inc. one of the most prominent private equity companies globally.