Suffering from an occupational illness as a federal employee

The discovery that you suffer from an occupational illness or injury can be very shocking and stressful; especially because there’s a tedious process that comes with it when you are a federal worker.

Lucky for you, there are federal medical centers that can facilitate this process and the recovery of your occupational illness.

We understand that in this moment of distress, uncertainty and unawareness are particularly frustrating.

Because of this, we’ve gathered some facts for you to know if you’re a federal worker that’s suffering from an occupational illness or injury.

Contacting your supervisor is a must!

It may seem obvious, but not many understand why this is so important. As soon as you become aware of your illness you must let your supervisor know. Only they can provide the necessary forms for you to file a claim.

Beware of the forms!

Because medical care is the most urgent, you will need to obtain a CA-16 form. This particular one will authorize you to get the treatment that you need.

Along with this form, you will need to provide your physician with a OWCP-1500/HCFA-1500, which they will use to submit any bills. Also, when suffering an occupational injury or illness specifically, you’ll need to ask for a CA-2 form.

Keep in mind there is a deadline!

To submit a claim for a federal workers’ compensation, the statute of limitation is three years from the date that you became aware or should have become aware of the injury or illness. As long as you can prove that your illness was caused or worsened by your job, you may be compensated; obviously, taking into account the statute of limitation.

And this is not it! There are so many options available depending on how your case progresses. This all sounds very complicated, doesn’t it? There are many forms to worry about, while also making sure to get the right treatment for your illness or injury.

That’s why it is recommended that if you are injured and need assistance, you should go to a federal medical center. You’ll find all of the medical treatments and assistance that you’ll need to recover and get the compensation you deserve.