Successful Norway Travel: Information and Preparation is Key

Norway is a rich country that has a high cost of living. Travellers can expect high-quality medical and tourist facilities here. The Schengen agreement permits travellers to stay in the country for up to ninety days without a visa. The country’s roads are safe for all kinds of travel allowing tourists to tour the country using its public transportation system or by car. If you are travelling to Norway soon, you might want to consider the following pieces of travel information.


It is imperative for tourists to make use of a car theft deterrent device or an alarm system or a high-end value car. A deterrent device must be attached to the steering wheel in order to prevent a thief form the driving their car away. Personal property theft, vandalism to parked vehicles and auto theft are common in the country, particularly in Oslo. While in airports, restaurants, hotels and train stations, tourists must not drawn attention to their riches. They need to be aware of their surroundings and stay away from following strangers who tend to approach them in pairs. This is because thieves are in search for money, credit cards, jewelry and work together in order to distract or overpower tourists.


Tourists have the option to get high-quality medical care while in the country. A lot of facilities are available in populated urban locations. While tourists move farther into remote areas in the northern part of Norway, the number of medical facilities and hospitals available are likely to decrease significantly. Medications and vaccines are available in any part of Norway.

Roads and Transportation

Urban and rural roads in the country are safe for travel. In general, public roads in Norway are in better conditions than its rural roads. It is just important to take precautions when visitors travel on rural roads for a long period of time. They may not be able to get immediate roadside assistance. Roads in mountainous parts of Norway, roads can be dangerous as tunnels are common there and a lot of roadways are quite narrow. Weather conditions must be checked before driving. From November to April, every motorist should make use of winter tires. Travellers who need to depend on public transportation can dos with no personal security fear.

What to Pack

In Norway, temperatures can greatly vary depending upon the season and the location. It is important for tourists to prepare for all kinds of weather by bringing clothes which can be layered when needed. As the country tends to have wet winters and falls, travellers during such seasons must make sure that they have waterproof jackets and shoes packed. Also, they need to have the right accessories like gloves and scarves. Even during the summer when there is milder temperature, people can still experience a drastic drop in temperatures in the evening especially in higher elevations and this makes it necessary to pack a coat or warm jacket.

Travelling to a foreign country like Norway requires careful planning. It is important read travel information beforehand to ensure a successful journey. There are many resources available in the internet especially those that can be obtained from voyage Uniktour Norvège.