How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Window Treatment?

It is not easy to strike a balance between usability and aesthetics and this is the biggest challenge that you might face when you select the window treatment for your kitchen.

When you are planning the décor of your home interior, one thing has to be kept in mind – there is no one size fits all solution for the entire home.

As each room has different kinds of users, the level of light control and privacy differs from one room to another.

The living room and bathroom need more privacy, some may like to have the bedroom completely private and cut out from outside light while the kitchen windows demand ample light entry, low privacy but more functionality in terms of withstanding the kitchen heat, splatter, and moisture.

So, the selection of blinds or shades for kitchens will be quite different from what you have in other rooms.

Turn to fabrics

Functionality is often highlighted too much when designing kitchens and this leads to overcrowding the space with cupboards and cabinets.

Unknowingly, monotony sets in the design. While it might not be easy to do away with the cabinets, there is a way to add relief to the monotony by selecting the right window treatment.

Covering the window with fabrics can break the monotony of wood and painted surfaces effectively and Roman shades are ideal for kitchens.

The texture, color, and pattern of fabrics enliven the room and the flurry of colors will bring cheers in the face of the mundane functionality of the cabinets.

You can install the top of the shade down and roll it up at a convenient height to enjoy as much light as you want.

Be conventional but effective

If the kitchen windows are lining the cooking area of your kitchen then the window treatment needs special attention as it has to withstand cooking hazards like gravy splatters and heat.

In such cases, there cannot be anything better than faux wood blinds. These are highly effective for kitchen windows that are exposed to moisture, steam, and other cooking hazards.

Easy to clean and maintain, these are quite affordable and good-looking and can be easily fused with the overall décor of the place.

Love the openness

According to Finesse Windows company in Birmingham, if you are looking for a window treatment with openness in mind and want the window to look good at the same time then cornice boards and valances are your choices.

The primary purpose of these window treatments is decorative and the control features of light and privacy are negligible.

It will add value to your kitchen décor and lend some soft touch to the hard surfaces of the battery of cabinets.

The appearance of cornice boards is more structured while valances that are hung from drapery hardware offer a more relaxed and soft look.

The layout of the windows in the kitchen and the position of the cooking area is determining factors whether you need blinds or another kind of window treatment.

Indeed, your liking for any particular window treatment has also to be considered.