Solar Energy has Proved to be Very Efficient for Lighting

Over the past years, solar energy has proved to be very efficient, economical and useful mode of generating power. Solar energy is referred to the generation of power from the radiations and energy which the sun emits. Solar energy is used for numerous purposes, for generating electricity, for running of many cooking appliances, etc.; it is widely used in industries due to its economical and efficient feature. Lighting is yet another area in which solar energy has outshone itself. Light is required everywhere and by everyone, the importance of lights just cannot be ignored, with the help of the solar lightning the availability of lights have become easier and abundant.

solar light

Illumination of the streets

Streets require very strong and proper lighting, especially during the night, to make it easy and safe for the people to travel. Best option for installing decent and quality lights on the street is to learn about solar street lights. This is because it enables the customers to differentiate between the solar LED bulbs and the general HPS lamps.

The solar LED bulbs are seen to be more radiant and spread more light over the area in equal proportions than the HPS lamps. This proves that solar LED bulbs are smart, efficient and more useful alternative for the choice of street lights.

Types of solar street lights

Every street is different, thus its lighting requirements and necessities has to be different too. Keeping this in mind, the solar street lights have not restricted itself to any one particular kind of type and style; rather it has four very impressive types of solar street lights, which are as follows:

  • Supera: This comprises of two solar panels of 150W and a fixture of 60W LED.
  • Dual Heads: This comprises of two solar panels and two fixtures of LED which ranges from 20W to 40W.
  • Ultra: This comprises of two ranges, one range has LED fixture of 120W and four solar panels of 100W; the other range has LED fixture of 160W and four solar panels of 150W.
  • Brighta: This comprises of LED fixture of 20W and one solar panel of 150W.

Need for solar street lights

We all know that solar street lights helps to make the streets illuminate in a much better way than any other type of street lights. So, the solar street lights are needed for the following reasons:

  • It has more capacity of illumination.
  • It spreads to a wider area.
  • It is economical.
  • It long lasting.
  • It is easy and convenient to install.
  • It is harmless.

Know about solar lights

It is very important to learn about solar street lights for making correct lighting decisions. At first, the street and its need and requirements need to be identified, after which the accurate and appropriate type of street light should be installed. The installation cost and process of the solar street lights is very pocket-friendly and easy. It is so preferable and popular, since the last decade, because it gives best results at minimum cost and is very easy and convenient to maintain.