Snapchat in Groups with BOINK

An amazing free messaging app which allows you to Snap and chat in groups, the BOINK is your one-stop solution to overcome the deficiency of your Snapchat. Yes, now you can combine Group Snapchats and send texts and snaps to groups.

All you need to do is click a picture or shoot a video, add a caption and share it with your friends 1:1 or with your group. They can witness, laugh over it and then it goes away forever, till they save it by a screenshot. And, what’s more exciting is that you can comment on it afterwards on chat.

BOINK allows your share pictures with groups of friends along with a narration of what everyone is doing at the present moment. Though the images may be a little grainy and not so perfect, but it’s not about the looks every time. It is just about sharing and connecting with your friends together at one point of time.

BOINK videos and pictures come up as a story format. You just have to tap to see it. So, take as many photos, shoot as much videos as you want inside a chat and bring your group conversation back to life. Snapchat didn’t allow texting and photo sharing in groups, but with BOINK, you can easily get rid of this shortcoming and enjoy the best of the app.

Some of the best reasons why BOINK will be loved by Snapchat users are:

· Just name the groups and share group pictures

· Group chatting- it allows chatting with as many friends as you want.

· Allows you to send texts, videos and photos.

· It has camera coding facility, now you can connect with new friends with QR code scanning facility.

· The editing tools help you bring every moment to life with vibrant texting and excellent drawing.

So, BOINK is the perfect solution for Group sharing on Snapchat!