Smart Phone Stand

There are a lot of people who are extremely busy and on the go on a weekly and daily basis. I for one are one of those people and I needed a stand for my smartphone to make things a bit easier and for my day to flow smoothly and efficiently.

I found exactly what I was looking for at Kickstarters website, the stand is called a weSTAND and it helps in the exact ways I need it to. The team that created this campaign is trying to focus their attention on their creativity, their beautiful designs, busy minds, and most of all they focus on people and what is useful and best for them.

They developed the weSTAND, which are aluminum stands for tablets or smartphones, for those people, who are just like me, who have really full hands in their mind and it has an incredible sleek design that is compatible with me for my extremely busy lifestyle. It has a convenient charger entry that I am able to plug in while I am Skyping, and this feature also allows me to be able to transfer files directly to my phone.

Also, with my incredibly busy and frantic hustle and bustle, it is made with anodized aluminum so that if I were to accidently drop it protects it from getting scratches. When I am using the stand for my phone, I obviously do not want it to keep sliding around anytime I try to use it,therefore, on the bottom and surface of it they created an anti-slip gripso that it keeps everything right in the place that it should be without any frustration.

It also comes with angled support, so I am able to view videos or photos. They also created these stands in a variety of colors so that I was able to choose what personally fit my style and my personality.These colors for these weSTLAND’s come in black, red, orange, gold, green, blue, and silver.

One of the best benefits about purchasing a weSTAND is that Kickstarter, being that they are in Mexico, contributes 10% of their proceeds that goes towards the development of poverty-stricken communities in Mexico. This helps with feeding children and also sending children to schools to receive and develop a better education for them.

Those individuals, who are like me, who require something to help with their busy schedules on a daily basis could most definitely use one of these weSTAND’s.

I have found it an incredible, convenient and beneficial asset to my fast paced lifestyle, and now that I have one, I don’t think it possible to be without it.Therefore, anyone who decides to purchase one of these will not only be participating in the contribution to families and children in need, but will also be incredibly satisfied with their decision to purchase one.