5 Simple fundraising ideas to boost your campaign

Raising money from donors is not an easy feat. It is human nature to want to receive something in return for anything we give.

Some people want gratitude, others want a simple token in return and there are a few who do it for the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in someone else’s life.


Here are some ways to raise money that boost your campaign and get more people giving to your cause:

  1. Telling an honest story

People want to know why they are donating to your cause and how their donation will make a difference. Telling an honest story is the first step to your online fundraising campaign.

You need to give a background to your fundraisers such as the specific details, the goals, and the deadline of the fundraiser.

Think of basic questions that any reader would have and answer them in your description.

For instance, if you are planning to collect donations for orphans you can include a breakdown of the costs that will help you achieve your goal.

This level of transparency shows people that their donations will go to good use. It encourages more people to donate than simply asking for a lump sum amount without any specific details.

  1. Host a webinar

For the kind of donors who would like to get something in return, you can host a webinar.

Find a famous personality that people in your target audience would love to connect with and one who is willing to be part of a charitable cause.

You can host a webinar with a question and answer session where people have to make donations to ask a question and get a response from the personality.

This way at least people get something in return for their generosity; just make sure the webinar is well publicized.

  1. Hold a charity auction

This is also another great way to give people something in return for their donations.

If you can find a sponsor to donate products or services in kind, you can host an auction where people bid for these products. The proceeds of the auction will go towards funding the cause.

Many businesses often prefer to donate products or services in kind as it also doubles up as a marketing strategy. You can promote these auction prizes online through websites like eBay, and PayPal.

  1. Start a competition

Engaging your audiences in a fun way can draw in some impressive donations as well. You can start a competition where people have to donate to enter for the best picture, cutest pets, and so on.

Another way to engage the audiences in a competitive way is by pledging to do a great feat such as climbing a mountain or parachuting if the donations reach a certain target level. This will get more people donating just to see you complete this task.

  1. Start a viral campaign using social media

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness for the charity. Share your fundraiser and the story of your cause on social media, encourage people to like the pictures and videos.

Your social media friends will share the post with their friends and so on. When your campaign goes viral, you should expect to receive support from all over the world.

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