Signs That You Need To Replace Your Roof

While you may not necessarily be a professional working with roofing companies Austin, if you are a keen homeowner you can easily make an informed choice and take some quick action about roofing repair.

You may not be able to predict exactly when your roof will start failing and leaking, there are tell-tale signs that you can look out for and know whether you are going to do a roofing repair or a complete replacement.


Missing granules: You should start looking for an asphalt roofing company in readiness for replacement when you discover that there are dark patches on your roof or light ones if your shingles are colored black.

What you will be seeing are patches on shingles that no longer have granules; you can confirm that this is the case by checking your gutters for signs of granules every time you are cleaning the gutters.

Because the granules aren’t responsible for waterproofing they will go missing and you may not notice immediately; the granules protect the asphalt from damage caused by UV rays and once they are absent your roof will be on the way out.

Curling shingles: Any form of curling that you observe on the asphalt shingles will be the result of drying and shrinking of the shingles; this is an indication that the shingles have become brittle and there is really no going back once they reach this stage because in a little while they will start being blown by the wind.

If this becomes a widespread problem you need to discuss your next mover with your preferred asphalt roofing company.

Moss on the roof: When there is moss on the shingles it may not necessarily mean that the shingles are worn out or old and especially if it is concentrated in one area; this may be a small problem that requires the intervention of a roof cleaning expert.

However, when you realize that there is a widespread and abundant growth of moss on the shingles this will start damaging them. The problem is that the moss will start growing under the shingles and start lifting them from the base.

You need to ask your asphalt roofing contractor to help you check the condition of the shingles early enough before they get to a stage where roofing repair will not suffice.

The age of the roof: Age is another important factor to consider when you are wondering whether you want to do roofing repair or totally new installation; the truth of the matter is that the older style asphalt shingles may not last so long even as their warranties indicate.

It is an open secret that most asphalt shingles will start to fail after about 14 years; this means that if the roof of your house is older than 15 years you need to start shopping for a competent asphalt roofing contractor especially if you have started seeing issues.