Sheet Plastics Providing Perspex Sheeting

What is Perspex?

Ultimately the only different between acrylic and Perspex sheeting is the name. Perspex is a ‘brand’ of acrylic, a trademark of Lucite International, so typically is a higher quality of acrylic (or at least has the reputation of such).

Perspex Sheeting

Both acrylic and Perspex sheeting is cast from monomer placed between two sheets of high quality glass. It is then polymerised in batches within specially developed ovens and water baths in a carefully controlled manufacturing process.

Perspex can be used to create all sorts of products that can completely transform a space, giving it a more modern and colourful appearance.

Here are just a couple of common uses:

  • Signage/ Printing
  • Furniture
  • Exhibition/ Display Stands
  • LED Lighting
  • Jewellery/ Crafting

There are plenty of example of interior designers who have completely changed the appearance of a house by just using Perspex products throughout. LED Lights are regularly used alongside both clear and colour Perspex sheeting to create a shelf or display that literally glows, giving your room an alternative look. You can even get types of Perspex which can glow in the dark or only let through certain types of light, meaning that you can easily transform a work bench or room with relative ease.

Plastic makes a great alternative to using wood as it is non-porous and doesn’t warp if it gets wet. Perspex sheeting is also a lot more solid than most types of wood and comes in a lot more colours, giving you the ability to pick the exact shade of a colour you would like, you can even get finishes that echo marble or wood.