Services Provided By A Business Strategist

‘Venture capitalist’, ‘Private equity investment’ are terms that one hears quite often given the present economic situation. However, very few delve deep to understand the business activities carried out by such organizations. In most cases one hears these terms in association with mergers, acquisitions and business stakeouts.


However, the private equity investment firms and not just companies that acquire business and firms to sell them at a profit, bit also business consultants. According to Robert Jouran a business strategist himself, very few know that most private equity management firms provide business solutions and advices to corporates. Thus private equity companies carry out an important function in the economy, by providing business solutions customized to suit the commercial activities of a firm.

Rob Joubran has made a name for himself as a business strategist. Currently, Joubran is the COO of Platinum Equity. He is also the Treasurer of the company and is member of the Board of Directors of Platinum Equity. Joubran with his 20 years of experience in the field of equity and business management has made himself an essential part of the Platinum Equity. Along with that Joubran is a close confidante of Tom Gores, the founder of Platinum Equity. Having established himself securely as a business strategist Joubran considers the following as the services provided by a policymaker like himself:

  • Aiding mergers and acquisitions: A business strategist’s primary objective is developing a strong relationship with his or her client. Being the COO of Platinum Equity, Joubran is always closely associated with all mergers and acquisitions. He emphasises that in order to make the acquisition process smooth it is essential to understand and address the concerns of the client.
  • Estimate returns: For any business venture to be successful it is essential to successfully speculate the returns gained from the activity. A good business strategist will be able to evaluate the market condition and provide clients with a feasible study as to the possible returns that can be expected from the venture.
  • Evaluate all aspects of the contract: Joubran believes that the contract for acquisition or merger should be designed keeping in mind the best interest of the client, staff members of the acquired company, management and the stakeholders’ interests. If all these aspects appear lucrative, then only should the company enter into the venture.
  • Brains behind a buyout: For any private equity investment firm the strategist is the brains behind the business activity. Joubran with his excellent business acumen has successfully directed many buyouts and acquisitions to the benefit of his company.

Thus, Robert Joubran strongly believes that the solutions provided by the business strategist must be strictly adhered to, to ensure maximum returns. Along with that a business strategist will also provide advice regarding the best method of implementing the business solutions suggested by him or her. Joubran advices all his clients that they should follow his advice strictly to receive positive results and the same applies to any other business strategist.