Self-Balancing Scooter: Technology That Adds Speed to Your Life

A personal mode of transportation has been recently introduced in the market that look like a hover board. It does not really hovers but is made in such a way that it seems to be hovering around.

It is basically a hover board on wheels which is a mix and match of a scooter and a hover board without any handle in it. This self- balancing electric scooter is often called as self- balancing board, smart balance wheel, Segway board or 2 wheel hover board.

This pollution free, convenient, smart and compact transportation has made it possible to park a mode of transportation without having the need of a garage. 
It is such a compact transportation that one can simply store it under the table or bed when not in use.

The self- balancing electric scooter comes with a charger, remote, manual and IO hawk. Some manufacturer also provides the Bluetooth speaker in it. He remote has two buttons to control the hover board or switch it off or u it on standby mode when not in use.

The main reason behind putting the hover board in standby mode is to save the battery life. New technology comes with a higher price tag and same is the case with self balancing scooter as well. Though there are new manufacturers coming up in the market with cheaper hover boards as well. The price of the hover boards present in the market varies from $250 to $800.

One can go through the web sites and have a look at the reviews and components of various hover boards and then chose the best out of the lot. Till now the 10 inch inflatable tire hover board is the one that’s ruling the top most position on the list.