Saving Endangered Animals One Step At A Time

Imagine a range of animal themed shoes made to save endangered animals.

Designed in Cape Town, South Africa in partnership with the Endangered Wild Life Trust and industrial design students who were desperate to make a difference. The students came up with basic designs and then leading orthopaedic surgeons and a professor of ergonomics added the final touches.

Final Sole Creatures Logo with punchline

To make the styles really authentic, the principles of biomimicry are the main influence for the way they fit, look and feel. There is no greater designer than Mother Nature herself!  They also leave a real animal print in the sand when you walk. They feel like the animal and are educational to kids and adults alike.

Each style is super comfy, genuine quality, durable and above all fun.

The launch range is available on line at ; Amazon and Zulily making its debut in Cabelas Canada and consists of the: rhino, whale and elephant.