Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The King Of Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note series is world’s known phablet series, if you don’t know about phablets, the phablets are the big screen smartphones powered with some Android or iOS operating system. And Note series is Android phablet series; the most recent Galaxy Note 4 is an example of Samsung’s perfection in the era. And now as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be released the things for other manufacturers would be more complicated.

As stated, Note series have the bigger display modules. Crucially, this big screen is the main source of battery drain. In Note 4 in details are as Android battery the screen is the main element that consumes power, on the other hand Samsung has refused to be of great ability. But there are elements that compensate for the battery and in this case are the processor. Qualcomm has achieved in the last two generations of Snapdragon chips 80x get the processor power consumption is much lower even increasing its speed. This is “magic” in Qualcomm that is now present in virtually most smartphones in the world. And we can expect the same magic with the Samsung Exynos processor, which would be powering the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

A feature that Samsung touts rather they owe entirely to Qualcomm, its fast charging system of battery. With just 30 minutes of charging you can achieve a 50% battery. This charging system is quite interesting when you have a charger nearby, but if you find out, away from a wall outlet and a USB cable is what you ask for more cargo.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 with new extreme battery saving mode that puts your screen monochrome, off almost all its features with the exception of telephone and SMS. While good in terms of survival, this mode is only useful if you live in a desert or on a mountain. In a city with access to electricity it is useless.

Therefore it is missing more battery life and less effort to turn your phablet nearly 6 inches and nearly 750 € in the price. So, Samsung should work hard over the manufacturing and testing of the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This does not mean you have a bad battery, in contrast. Miraculously use of Note 4 that involves using virtually all the features of mobile (data, reports, videos, push email, social networking, camera, video recording) easily accomplished through the day and a half of use.

If the predominant Wi-Fi we dare to say you can stretch up to two days. Yes, you can use fully one Note 4 and go to sleep for the next day they still have enough battery to keep working. So, in the war of battery, Samsung phones are still better in the market but soon when we will have the 4K resolution display smartphones, for example the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then scenario would be different and Samsung’s engineer should crack the challenge else we all would have to suffer with the usual battery power problems.