Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The best-designed Note

The previous Galaxy Note 4 has not the best design in a phablet or smartphone, but it’s a decent design from what we have seen in other manufacturers with rare material and screen curves well below the standard of a high-end terminal.

But since the beginning of the series, a good design is lacked by the Samsung Galaxy Note phones and now this is the right time to move on the right road, for example recently for the Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung has taken the right turn and we have a beautiful designed Galaxy S6. So, it could happen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In the camera section, the Galaxy Note series have not done any miracle; in the Galaxy Note 4 there is no better way to put a camera test with pictures of everyday life, not overly prepared situations. Here almost all mobile cameras mounted on midrange and high-end are good, which despite some exceptions, very good meet its mission. But is an exceptional camera
Well no! Galaxy Note 4 mounted a camera with a sensor of 16 megapixels and with a lot of small improvements in software that will undoubtedly make it a great camera. Perhaps the best news is that we have not had any complaints during testing with the result of the photos we’ve taken and you will definitely end up looking better in the same mobile screen on your desktop than 100%. 
Under normal lighting conditions the camera of Galaxy Note 4 makes your job dramatically. It is capable of taking good pictures with good contrast control in its automatic mode. But the phone doesn’t convince with its autofocus capabilities. For our tests it is not as fast as in other terminals as the LG G3 or iPhone 6 and although the difference is not enough to take this into account, it is a small detail that Samsung can be improved by software update. Or else, Samsung should think that it would be corrected with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.
The amount of things you can do with the camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tends to make everything more complicated by adding many extra shooting modes. By default you have four camera modes, three inactivated and Samsung store you can download more. We doubt any more than necessary automatic or manual, but it is a way to differentiate and sell phones, but never end up using them. 
You can take very good pictures, with lots of options and add filters, improve skin tones or even make selfies of more person with a new wide mode. We even see a great improvement in night photography, although it is not a strong point of any moving camera, with this Note 4 is more than acceptable.

Just try to stay still very still. However, this would not turn all good things, Note 4 suffer with few negative things and Samsung is trying to recover it with software updates but still, you can expect a perfect Note device after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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