Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Incredible Design And Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note series has created its own identity in the market. How to make a difference with other smartphones available in the market? For if the S-Pen-and their associated functionalities were not sufficient, since Samsung have signed agreements with different brands to launch accessories compatible with the Galaxy Note that give a distinguished touch to the terminals. And this year, we would see the newly designed Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and out of the box you would get some serious accessories that would make your phone better.


In the present, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leather covers and S-Pen design in line with the distinguished brand of writing instruments. And in the leather cover, the phone looks perfect but still you can miss the original touch of glass. As happened in the case of Galaxy S6, we might see the metal body too. Note 3 left the bar very high and it was difficult to improve. Have they succeeded in Samsung with the Galaxy Note 4, did you need more RAM? Need more storage or System on chip that has more cores or 64-bit? Well, Samsung has answered the fans with all of these things in the Galaxy Note 4, but at the moment its not enough. We think the race of smartphones currently spends more by having a thoroughbred in terms of functionality and UX, and not so much for being the most powerful hardware. However, the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shows that besides offering a complete experience, is also among the best as far as technology is concerned. And now Galaxy S6 leads the Note 4 in the market and after few months, Galaxy Note 5 will do the same.

However, although the generation gap has not been as remarkable as the Note 3, the Galaxy Note 4 to scratch by far and one of the best existing terminals, no doubt. If we talk about innovation, we must recognize that the best part has led the Galaxy Note Edge terminal is coming to market. However, enough to add to the wish list detriment of its predecessor, the Note 3. And reasons were not easy.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is around 700 €, a figure beyond the reach of most users. However, it is possible to find in different online where you could get the Galaxy Note 4 for the €600. What remains to be seen is whether the reception from users is good and becomes the better end of the year. All indications are that well is: the Note 3 is not dead, but long live the Samsung Galaxy Note 4! And it seems like, after the release of Galaxy Note 5 we will still observe the craziness for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as it is perfectly balanced Note smartphone till date. So, be ready for the next miracle or revolution that to be happened very soon and just wait for the something official that would come from the Samsung’s end.