Salesforce Video Tutorials And Their Benefits

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs in the world and helps in automating the customer relationship management process. It has extensive resources that provide incredible advantages to the Salesforce users. Ease of use, excellent functionalities, customization, ample user resources and full integration facility with other applications are the most advantageous factors of Salesforce.


How can your organization benefit from Salesforce video tutorials?

People have to be trained in this multi functional platform like other software platforms. A good number of Salesforce video tutorials are available online to help people learn about the software. Salesforce has many modules and functionalities and therefore through videos you can learn them well with visualization.

Nothing is so much effective than learning through videos and Salesforce video tutorials can help you in the most effective way. But the main thing is to get the right tutorials and that is why you have to search for good ones.

Human beings get most of the understanding through both the sensory capabilities – audio and visual and video tutorials provide all that. A video learning gives 5 to 10 times more benefit than an audio learning only and therefore it is much beneficial in understanding the concepts well.

A Salesforce video tutorial helps in full understanding of the different types of functions and modules in Salesforce. A Salesforce system consists of many windows and actions along with dashboard, reports, data and information. A video tutorial on Salesforce can explain each and every thing in detail with live performance by an expert instructor.

Qualities of a good Salesforce video tutorial

Salesforce video tutorials must have the following features in order to benefit the learners with maximum advantage-

  • It should contain the basic understanding of Salesforce and good for beginners as well.
  • It should provide a situational knowledge of Salesforce.
  • It should be targeted for the specific user from a domain. Like you don’t want tour Sales person to learn the Salesforce concept for marketing team and the video tutorial should be directed to the intended person only and should be relevant.
  • The video tutorials should not be lengthy and boring and should be short and sweet and chapter wise. They should be divided according to the function being taught and should not combine many stuffs in one.
  • The quality of the video tutorial should be good and the communication of the video instructor should be well understood.

Where to look for a good tutorial

Though there are many official video tutorials available online as well as on YouTube but it lies upon you to choose what suits you best. It is important that the videos you are looking for must suit your expectations and the current business scenario.

Search for some good video tutorials for Salesforce online and choose the one which is most advantageous for you as well as suits your pocket. Do not run for only free tutorials and you can choose paid also but it should be beneficial to you in the maximum possible ways.