Royal Enfield Himalayan: The Perfect Bike for a Man

Well, if you’re looking for something muscular, gigantic and classy, then the Royal Enfield needs to introduction. The brand is a cult classic and is certainly the producer of middle weight motor bikes. With the change in the era, the company has started producing masterpieces for the youth too.

If you’re looking forward to enjoy a long touring ride with great endurance power and longevity, then the recent release of Royal Enfield will swipe you off your feet.

According to the Royal Enfield Himalayan review, the bike is a great ride for travel aficionados. You can describe it with the phrase “purpose built”. And in the long run, Himalayan will be the release for which Royal will be known. The rough and tough tourers who love to discover the road and travel long distance will love riding this bike. It is definitely one of the best releases from the company.

If you’re up for a bike which enhances your personality, gives you the real manly look, then Himalayan is the right option for you. Royal Enfield Himalayan specs state that the motor bike holds a power of 24.84 PS with a 32Nm of torque. It boasts of a 411cc of engine and has 5 gears to its name. Being an adventure bike, the riding and handling segment is unique in itself.

With a weight of 182kgs, it marks to be the lightest release from the brand. With a perfect balance of product and cult, Royal Enfield comes out as a complete winner. It is not just a bike for the tourers, but for everyone who loves motorbikes. Just dress up, ride on the motorcycle and gear up for the long ride on the long giant roads. You will love this ride for the rest of your life. So, go for it.