Roku LT vs. Roku HD Helps You Decide To Choose Better

Roku is a streaming player that is widely known as “Roku”. The brand has the series of set top boxes now available. The over the top content is provided by the Roku partners in the form of channels. The users can easily add or remove different channels through the Roku channel store. Both live streaming and on demand are supported by the devices. There are both paid and free channels that comes with varying services like Netflix, Amazon instant video, HBO, GO, WWE Network,  Hulu Plus and also some of the popular games available on the devices.

Roku LT vs. Roku HDSet top streaming boxes are the perfect solution for the people who have streaming subscriptions they prefer watching only those on the television. Roku offers numerous such varied options at different prices and from the range of their set-up boxes the two boxes i.e. Roku LT and Roku HD are lowest of all.

Choosing one from the two is bit confusing. We have lined up the pros and cons of the both. Here is Roku LT vs. Roku HD to help you choose better.

Roku LT

It is one of the best streaming box that you can come across.

The Good- The Roku LT provides fill Roku experience in 50 bucks. The box can support more than thousand channel that includes Go, HBO, Netflix, Pandora, MLB, Amazon cloud player, Netflix etc. The Apple TV still works better with the Apple ecosystem. It is the best budget streaming device.

The Bad-It isn’t supporting YouTube Channel. Also, the services like Netflix runs on an outdated interface when compared to other streamers.

Roku HD

The Good- It is a compact streaming media box that cost few bucks more than Roku LT. It costs 60 bucks. The streaming box offers several streaming videos and movies and other services that includes Hulu plus, Netflix, HBO, Go, Vudu, Mog, Rdio, MLB, Pandora, Amazon instant video etc. The HD box also supports older TV analog video output.

The Bad- It doesn’t have YouTube channel and Spotify. There is no Ethernet support hence you will need a stronger Wi-Fi signal in the home theater.