Rocket VPN App to Surf The Web Anonymously

Gone are the days when you were unknown while surfing the web. Today, there are countless ways to know your identity when you are online. However, you can still browse the web anonymously if you use free VPN app developed by Rocket VPN. 

This is a free application ensuring the privacy and security of any private or public network. It uses a protocol through which your computer is given a new IP address, which is owned by the Rocket VPN. 

Your internet traffic is carried to the Rocket VPN server and is decrypted and allowed to move to the new IP address. Your internet service provider can only see a single travel of encrypted data between you and the VPN server. 

Your net provider will not be able to log, check or control your internet usage. Rocket VPN app is specially designed for Android and iOS that lets you browse the web anonymously and unblocks even the geographically restricted web content.

This free VPN app acts as a virtual firewall and offers around 256 bit SSL encryption security as well as hides your original IP address. Unrestricted speed, bandwidth and access to blocked content are other major benefits of Rocket VPN app.

Since this is meant for Android and iOS, you can access the app on mobile phones. Rocket VPN app is available at no cost and it is extensively tested by technicians to ensure a safer and better experience.

The Rocket VPN app will have your valuable data encrypted while increasing your security and privacy. It doesn’t share your IP address with third parties like other VPNs do. It has specially designed Rocket browser to surf the internet on Android systems. This free VPN app takes your privacy concerns seriously so they ensure strong encryption and don’t store traffic logs.

The Rocket VPN is a reputed VPN service vendor in the online niche. It would help you to visit the site and read some genuine customer reviews. If you download this free app, you will start browsing the web anonymously without worrying about your privacy.

Check out the Free VPN at Google play as well as Free VPN at Apple App Store.