Resorting for ovulation and pregnancy test kits for being assured

Almost every woman desires having a baby after getting married. A baby brings up peculiar kind of joy in the life of the couple thereby completing the couple in its own way. Women who tend to plan everything in their life are the ones who are able to bring up their babies well. They are able to well monitor their health during pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies only.

AccuMed Combo Ovulation PregnancyIf you are planning to conceive then ovulation and pregnancy test kit combo is the best thing you can go for. These kits help you to know which the best and the most apt time for you to get pregnant; also they assure you after you get pregnant.

Knowing about ovulation test kits

 The expertly designed ovulation kit tends to work by analyzing luteinizing hormone of the women. It contains certain chemical compounds that react with hormones and lets you know when you should actually head towards intercourse.

luteinizing hormone is known to cause ovulation in a woman`s body. It releases ovum and leads to pregnancy in a woman. Conception is known to occur within thirty six hours of ovulation. The ovulation kits are particularly designed for detecting LH surge only. If the test kit is indicating a positive result then it simply means that you are in the most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

In order to use the ovulation kit, you just need to collect the sample of the urine just once per day. One must not use the first urine of the day in order to test the ovulation.  Try collecting the urine in a clean and dry container. The sample can be stored at room temperature for 8hours. Moderate temperature ranging from 15-20 degree must be maintained. The sample can also be refrigerated. However, it must not be allowed to get frozen. After eight hours, take out the sample from refrigerator and then let it reach the room temperature and then test it. For best of results, you must test the urine at same day.

After you bring the ovulation test kit, you must tear its packet and remove the LH test kit from it. The best time to test ovulation is afternoon. You must carefully place the LH test kit vertically over the urine cup for around 5 seconds and then lay the strip flat over a clean, dry and non absorbent surface. You must ensure that the urine level does not exceed the marked points over the strips because it can lead to inaccuracy while performing the test.

After you dip the strip in urine, check out the colored bands that must be there over the strips if it is actually your ovulation period. Depending upon the LH concentration level in the urine, the colored bands can be visible within 40seconds. However, in order to confirm the test, you must wait for 10minutes.

In order to decide the result, you must observe the darkness of the band color. It is quite important that you compare the color intensity for knowing exactly whether it is your ovulation period or not. If the test band turns into darker color then it means that the result is positive. However, if it is light in color then you need to wait. You must ensure that you do not let consider the results that occur after 10minutes.

Explanations for negative test results

  • Usage of first urine of the day
  • Low LH concentration level
  • Delayed test performance during the menstrual cycle
  • Stoppage of test before surge occurs

Getting introduced with pregnancy test kits

The pregnancy test kit can be used for detecting the appropriate results after you have performed intercourse during the ovulation period. The test kits come with special chemicals that react with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is known to be there in the urine of a pregnant woman. The color of the test strips tends to get changed soon after you pour urine over the strips or urine cup.

The best time to use the pregnancy test kit is after a week or five days of missing periods. The test result that the woman shall get using these kits is known to be 99% correct. There are hardly any cases that have witnessed wrong test results because of using these kits.

HCG is known to develop in a woman only after she has a baby in her womb. Implantation takes place generally on the 6th day after the sperm implants itself in the ovum. The best way to conduct the pregnancy test at home is by using the kit right in the morning when HCG concentration level is the highest in the body.

When you use Pregnancy and Ovulation/Fertility Test kits, and then make sure that that you are using it privately while staying relaxed. Wash your hands with warm water and then conduct the tests. If you want you can make your partner or close friends stand outside the bathroom for cheering and relaxing you up.

When you use the pregnancy test kit then make sure that you urinate exactly in the urine cup or on the stick (as mentioned over the wrapper of the bought kit).  Your duration of urinating over the wrapper must be exactly that number of seconds which are mentioned in the instructions of the test kits.

Limitations of the test kits

  • Directions must be thoroughly followed
  • Never ever tamper the pouch if you are not ready to perform the test.
  • Consult doctor if too long menstrual cycles are experienced
  • One test strip can be used only once
  • Do not use the test kits after their expiration date

From where to buy ovulation and pregnancy test kits

Ovulation and pregnancy test kits can readily bought by you from Amazon at a considerable rebate.  You can also choose same day delivery option. The Accumed’s combo kits come up with 40 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips. With the help of these strips you can eliminate a remarkable amount of stress from your life. They help you to assured and relaxed.