Steps to Repair a Garage Door in a DIY Method

You have two components of a garage door- the opener and the door. In case the garage door needs repair, then you need to focus on both the equipment.

Garage doors, whether swing up or roll up, work on spring tension. The door runs on metallic track on the walls and a spring renders the power.

In several cases, if the garage door fails to work properly, then here are helpful tips to repair broken garage door:

Step 1: Inspect the metal tracks. See if the mounting brackets which stick the tracks are fine.

If you find them loose, tighten the screws. Look out for crimps, dents and spots. If you see any damaged sports, then pound them well.

Step 2: See if the tracks are well-aligned. Whether horizontal tracks or vertical tracks, they should fully plumb.

Both the track should be at the same height on the wall. Recheck the track to ensure that they are in the correct position and tighten the loose screws and bolts.

Step 3: Clean the tracks and wipe out all the dirt and debris. Clean the rollers too.

Step 4: Evaluate the loose hardware and fix them. Check the plates where springs are placed to ensure no screws are loose.

Check the hinges of the roll-up doors. If they sag on one side, then correct them by repairing the hinges. If the wood is cracked, then fill the cracks. Allow the fillers too dry and then change the hinge.

With these steps, you can repair your broken garage door easily. However if you find that the door is hard to repair, do not take any risk and go for the replacement garage doors option for your complete safety.

Companies like are good to contact in case you need the assistance with your broken garage door or springs.

As they have the right tools and staff, they can manage all your problems very soon within an affordable price range.