Renting or Buying Your Exhibit – Pros and Cons

To rent or buy – that is the question. When it comes to acquiring an exhibit stand, there are situations where either option is the appropriate course of action to take.

Whether you are considering renting or buying, we have put together a pros and cons list for each option so that you can weigh the benefits and decide which recourse is best for you and your company



Pro: Rental exhibits give you logistical flexibility. For instance, sometimes, you might find your company pulled between two different exhibitions that are taking place at the same time.

Having access to a rental exhibition stand means that you can fill the gap and attend both trade shows.

Pro: With rental exhibits, you eliminate the need to store or transport your stand everywhere you go. By simply renting an exhibit stand, you can always be sure that the basic presentation elements (booths, tables, displays, etc.) will be waiting for you when you get to the exhibition site.

This is especially convenient for exhibitions in international markets.

Con: You may lose some brand or graphic consistency when using a rental stand (after all the stand is not yours so you cannot control or influence all the elements).

Con: Rental stands are relatively expensive – as a rule of thumb, a rental stand could cost 60% of the cost of owning you own exhibition stand – if you plan to attend more than one exhibition a year then renting may not be your best option.


Pro: The biggest con for rental units is also the biggest pro for purchased units. When you buy your stand, you are purchasing something that you will be able to reuse at virtually every exhibition you participate in (assuming you rent a similar sized space each time), making it easy to establish a consistent exhibit and brand. If you do a lot of exhibitions, this fact alone makes purchasing a stand worthwhile.

Con: Of course, the main drawback to purchasing a stand is cost. Between the upfront purchase price and the expenses of transportation, storage, assembly, maintenance, and more, buying an exhibit can be a hefty investment. (Although the difference may vanish or turnaround completely if you are a frequent exhibitor.)

Pro: One word: adaptability. Purchasing your stand will give you much more freedom to customize it to meet the style and look you want, and modular exhibitions – the common purchase item – are easy to adapt and change from one exhibition event to the next.

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