Recap of the Best Goals in 2013

With the 2013 season in the books, now is the time to recap the best goals from the past year. Each year, FIFA bestows a player with the Puskas Award for the best goal of 2013. Because judging the best goal can be an subjective decision, FIFA has created criteria that the goal must reach to be eligible for the award. First, the goal must meet an aesthetic standard that includes how acrobatic the shot was, the range of the goal and how it was scored. Second, the more important the match the higher ranked the goal. Third, was luck a factor in the goal or did the opposing team make a mistake that led to it? If so, the goal scored is considered less impressive. Fourth, the player who scored the goal must have not gained unfair advantage or acted in unsportsmanlike conduct during the play that led to the score. Here’s a look at some of the best goals in 2013:

Pachuca vs Tigres:

It takes a lot of guts to unleash a shot from several yards beyond the midfield line, but it takes a lot more skill and luck for the shot to go in the goal. However, that is exactly what happened to Daniel Luduena the Pachuca player who scored a 60 yard shot just beyond the diving arms of the goalie for a spectacular and decisive goal in the team’s 2-1 win.

Benfica vs Porto:

Trailing 1-0 early in the match, Benfica earned a corner kick on their half of the field that started a wild succession of pinpoint passes that resulted in a spectacular goal from Matic. Matic scored after a teammate headed him the ball and he put it in to the corner of the net with a precise volley that squeaked by the goalie. Read about and watch the goal at Yahoo Sports to get a better idea of just how impressive it was.

Sweden vs England:

In a spectacular display of athleticism and skill, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a breathtaking goal against England with an incredibly acrobatic bicycle kick. A long ball sent Ibrahimovic towards England’s goal with two defenders and the goalie vying for it. After the goalie volleyed the ball into the air, Ibrahimovic was able to track it down with his back to the ball and bicycle kick it into the goal. Ultimately, Ibrahimovic was honored with the 2013 Puskas Award for his goal against England.


Brazil vs. Japan:

No stranger to the big stage, it is not entirely surprising to see Brazil’s Neymar as a finalist for the Puskas Award. In the FIFA Confederation Cup against Japan, Newmar scored after the ball was threaded past defenders and bounced off a teammate’s chest to set him up for a powerful kick that put the ball in the net.

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