Reasons why Brits Should Own a G700 Tactical Flashlight

Light is one of the greatest gifts that God ever gave to humans. Light brightens up the day and makes it easy for us to execute our daily endeavors. Moreover, during some nights, the moon can help us accomplish some of our tasks. However, in as much as the moon and the sun provide light, there are times when the light is not sufficient or available. 

For instance, during some moonless nights, the darkness is scaring. This implies that we need alternative sources of lights so that we can effectively meet our initiatives. 
With this in mind, gadgets such as flashlights come into play. Essentially flashlights are very significant and the role that they play is one that we cannot underestimate.
As time passed, the flashlight technology evolved as well. Nowadays, tactical, military grade led flashlights such as the Lumitact G700 are definitely futuristic in comparison to what we previously knew as a flashlight.

The G700 is equipped with state of the art LED chip that produces 700 lumens and have 5 operation modes. What is fascinating is that although this flashlight is ultra bright, unlike any other convenient flashlight, it is only pocket size and less than half of pound heavy.

Furthermore, this flashlight is waterproof, has a super tough aircraft aluminum body, and a sharp bezel on the flashy edge.
Of course, it wouldn’t be military grade if it lacks the self-defense elements. The bezel is ultra sharp and strong and may be used to hard-punch or tactically strike an opponent. In addition, there is a Strobe mode, a high pitch pulsing light that neutralizes or disorients the opponent. There is always the option to mount it on a weapon, and also to ask for help with the SOS signaling mode.

Benefits of Owning a Flashlight

With the dynamic and ever-changing livelihoods of the Brit communities, owning flashlight is ‘a must’ for everyone. In effect, various benefits necessitate a flashlight. Sometimes, most of us work until late and at times we may need to work through streets and neighborhoods, which are dim or inadequately lit. 

Moreover, the increasing frequencies of robberies and murders, the essence of a flashlight is immense, and thus, every Brit needs it. Among the major reasons that substantiate the need for a flashlight include self defense, unsafe neighborhoods, signaling, cool and high end photos, as well as successful accomplishment of outdoor activities and hobbies.


With the increasing cases of robberies, murders, and other wrongdoings in our societies, it is very important to have a flashlight for self-defense. When we walk through dark or dimly lit streets, we become vulnerable to attacks. Apparently, the attacker triumphs if we do not have adequate knowledge on their whereabouts as well as the surrounding environment. 

However, with a flashlight, you can easily illuminate the entire surrounding and limit the scale of the attack. Smart users of flashlights understand that lighting up the flashlight and directing it to the eyes of the attackers increases your chances of overpowering them or escaping. Having already mentioned the self-defense methods of the G700, the Lumitact G700 is a flashlight that is a must have in your pocket, bag, car and your home.

Unsafe Neighborhoods

On the other hand, the flashlight is fundamental for lighting up unsafe neighborhoods. In the process of undertaking our hobbies or tasks, we at times work or exercise until late, and as such, forced to walk in unsafe neighborhoods. With a flashlight, you walk confidently because you can see the events happening around you. Moreover, with a flashlight, attackers cannot ambush you as you can see them even before they emerge from their hideouts.


Overtime, communities have used light to communicate. In this context, fires played an important role in conveying a message to others, who understood. Presently, flashlights are useful in signaling others and inform them of your presence or of an impending problem. It is common to get friends or organizations that come to an agreement on the use of flashlight to signal one another. 

Use the SOS mode of the G700, or focus your beam to be directly located. Of course, you can always use this flashlight to signal or flash to your friends and family or your pet just by setting the mode to low or medium, to avoid high light that may harm their eyes.

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