Reasons chargebacks can kill your online business

Chargeback exists majorly for the protection of consumers against undesired transactions. A chargeback is a refund to the customer, forcibly started by the customer’s issuing bank.


There are several reasons for a customer to start the chargeback procedure but the end result is that it greatly impacts the website owner.

Financial institutes track the procedure and it impacts the power of the online seller to accept credit/debit cards online.

Usually, credit card issuers have an allowable ratio of approx. 1 percent of aggregate transaction sales.

Though it is redundant, going above this limit may disastrously impact the seller’s ability to maintain their processing skill.

As soon as the threshold is reached, the seller may instantly get their accounts closed by the payment service provider. However, you do have options to circumvent chargeback and have a decent chargeback ratio.

A major challenge in owning a global website is that you need to render top-notch customer support service too.

Offering a support system to customers to resolve their issues and queries will make them satisfied. Customer support is the basis of successful e-businesses.

Another way to prevent chargebacks is good communication. Make sure there is no communication gap between you and your customer.

There are also some of the best chargeback sites that can be checked out for getting the issues resolved.

There is no better way to convince a client that they are not appreciated than shutting down all communication links between you and them.

Just talking to your customer will drastically lower your number of chargebacks and enhance sales. Tell your customers that you appreciate their presence.

Another tool that helps an eCommerce website avoid chargeback is a chargeback protection plan.

It is made to render complete protection to the vendor against chargeback. You need to have a robust fraud prevention service to avoid any fraudulent chargebacks.

When you team the right technology with your team, you can definitely avoid the possibility of chargebacks. Remember chargeback can kill your growing online business.

No matter what product or service you sell globally, these tips will help you with chargeback protection and establish you as a robust eCommerce store across the world. So, start using them now!