Racing Steering Wheel Stand for Thrustmaster

As a perfect support of your gaming console, the stand provides a rock solid backup of hold to the maneuvering wheel. When you go about your gaming spree, what you need is the ease of use and that of maintenance.

The stand with its sturdy base is not only supportive but leaves you with the option for flexibility. In the course of your racing, what you need is the perfect balance of speed and control.

This in turn, calls for a pertinent interplay of ergonomics. The stand supporting the wheel contributes to the cause of ergonomics by its amazing combination of steadiness and sturdiness.

The Advantageous Use of the Navigation Wheel Stand

Do remember, that the product at hand just includes the package of a stand. Neither the wheels nor the pedals are included in the packaged assembly of the stand.

The stand supporting the steering console doesn’t weigh more than eighteen pounds. It is suitably equipped with provisions of bolting. Consequently, both the navigation wheel as well as the pedaling devices can be fixed up firmly to the same.

The package which includes the assembled stand just needs to be lined up with the wheeling console, the devices for peddling and that of shifting. Apart from its sturdiness, the stand makes for the perfect adjustability to the wheel’s height.