Qualifications to Become a Fireman

The person which immediately strike our minds during any sort of disaster mainly the fire accidents, is the fireman. Yes! They are the heroes who will not bother about their lives and always have the mentality to take care of the lives in fire accidents. Yes! In case of any disaster the fire fighters will run immediately to the particular spot and will fight against the disaster and its cruel effects and will save the people.

To Become a Fireman there is a main qualification needed which is nothing but the true humanity feeling. Yes! The persons who are all having the real humanitarian thoughts can easily join the fireman work immediately. The other basic qualifications needed to join the fireman job are,

  • The candidate should be with the age above 18 years old
  • The candidate should be passed with good marks in his high school or if not at least he should get pass through a general education test
  • The candidate should be well versed in driving the four wheelers and heavy duty vehicles
  • The candidate should know English well and should be fluent in that
  • The candidate should also know the basic first aid an emergency medicine procedures

Apart from the above mentioned general qualifications, there are so more qualities needed by which one can be determined as good fireman or bad fireman. They are,

  • The candidate should be with good fitness and without any chronic health deteriorating diseases
  • The stamina should be good enough to become a fireman
  • The mind should be one focused and should work in well co-ordination, then only the fireman can concentrate in his job completely and can save the lives easily

If the candidate passed all the above mentioned qualifications then he can easily join the fireman training camp so that he can get fit to the fireman job readily.