Qualcomm Snapdragon 410: Targeted for the Smart Phones and Advanced Devices

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 holds an average performing CPU with an utmost clock speed of nearly 1,400,00 MHz It holds 4 cores, which results in particularly well-organized multi tasking when compared to the dual core processors. 

The first 64 bit mobile chip was announced by Qualcomm as Snapdragon 410 and achieved a lot of attention. Besides its 64 bit capacity, it brings 4G LTE connectivity to the people. 
Being manufactured with the use of 28mm process, this chipset is available with Adreno 306 GPU along with 1080p video playback to nearly 12mp camera units.

It is an ARM based average SoC for smart phones and tablets and mostly compatible with the Android devices. On Dec 2013, it was declared and brought into use and was the initial 64-Bit SoC presented by Qualcomm. Fortunately, it is found that it incorporates 4 ARM Cortex –A53 processor nucleus, a Adreno 306 graphics card, 3 memory controller, 64 bit LPDDR2, WLAN, UMTS, Bluetooth and LTE Radio.

Well, measuring 25mm x 43 mm with high integration connectivity and long term longevity, this DART-SD410 is perched to become the foremost system for the module which supports the Qualcomm Snapdrag 410. Get the smart device that uses the Snapdragon 410 and executes in a sequential manner.

Furthermore, this Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 supports every major Android operating system. With 2GB LP-DDR3 and 16GB EMMC, the DART-SD410 gives an impressive performance for Linux, Android and Windows 10.

Besides this, the optimized power consumption lets this tiny sized ideal for the battery operated and operated applications. If you were in search of such chipset for multitasking and high performance, then this Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with heavy memory and huge performance is the right choice for multitasking and to get better and outstanding performance.