Promoting Your Brand through Aspect Exhibition Stands

If you’re trying to promote your brand at different trade shows with hundreds of like businesses, you need yours to stick out from the competition. Display your company logo and Call to Action (CTA) in a prominent area so attendees will notice it as soon as they enter, and then you can discuss concepts and form potential business leads.

Exhibition StandsTips for creating Awesome Exhibition Stands

Once trade show season hits, sometimes it’s beneficial to attend a few to gather ideas and scope out what the competition is thinking of. However, other times, keeping things clean, stated, and colorful within your design go a long way. You are safe with equipment like those Aspect Exhibition Stands to make your brand

  • Choose a simple display, focusing on your logo and Call to Action. Use your company colors as long as it will make your signage pop. Focus only a few key phrases as well as advertising, “New Merchandise for Sale!,” or Bestselling Items!” Phrases like that catch attendees attention.
  • Choose the proper colors. In particular, red elicits strong reactions in customers, and is often associated with sales, especially clearance ones. Orange and yellow symbolize happiness, excitement, and optimism, while green is traditionally associated with health and serenity.
  • Decide if you want to create an elaborate stand around a theme. If you’re an art gallery, you can display some of the newest paintings, while having it set like a coffee lounge so you can answer questions and chat with customers. Likewise, if your company sells golf equipment, consider having a replica of a lighted driving range constructed, as this is interactive and hands on.
  • Add some fancy tech, whether it’s an interactive workshop to try out the productions, or a glowing and colorful strobe light that everyone jumps to your both, just to see why it’s there.

Types of Exhibition Stands


Now that you know which details to include on your exhibition stands, these are some of the options you can find and design to represent your company:

  • Traditional or Custom-built-stands- These use traditional materials but are not limited to uniform components. These can be as simple as you want them to be or you can make them three-dimensional so they’ll stand out from the competition, using miniature mannequins modeling your new sportswear or pop-up bicycles if you’re a sports equipment shop.
  • Colonnade Exhibition Stands-Designed on-site with a CNC machine, these stands are flexible enough to fit in any sized space at a trade show, but it can also fit inside a fixed shell of a regular exhibition stand and be used to display product materials.
  • Outdoor Marquee Exhibition stands- Used on a hire base, we can combine our professional outdoor marquee, which features plain panels and a blank canvas to be decorated with your company logo, and our traditional modular system and provide you with a waterproof winning combination.

What design tips have you utilized on your exhibition stands that have worked to generate potential business leads? Tell us some of your favorites.