Prevent Chargeback for Your Website

Chargeback is a procedure when a customer calls his/ her bank and wants to refund a credit card transaction. The bank refunds the transaction instantly.

But, this generosity comes at the price of the merchant who doesn’t just lose the transaction value but is also charged a chargeback fee.

Here are some reasons why a customer chargeback:

  1. Unsatisfied with their order
  2. Billing issues such as double charge
  3. Customers don’t recognize the transaction or fail to remember it.
  4. Fraudulent transactions
  5. The customer doesn’t want to honor the transaction

After knowing the reasons for a chargeback, you should know the ways to avoid them…

  1. Have a good refund policy: Usually, an unsatisfied customer complains at the store and demands a refund. When you issue a refund it leaves the customer satisfied and helps you avoid the risk of getting charged back.
  2. No double transactions: Usually companies alert their customers about clicking the Submit button two times during checkout because of the fear of being double charged. it is important to disable the Submit button after it is clicked once. You can also have a server-side script for processing just one transaction.
  3. Mention your phone number: Mention your customer support number at the billing gateway page. Usually, a customer fails to recognize a transaction but when they look at the phone number they can contact you and find out when the transaction was processed. Sometimes confused customers immediately go for a chargeback.
  4. Avoid fraud. Always use CVV for credit card authentication. Also, match the shipping address with the address on the credit card. Lastly, find out where the transaction took place from and if the country is the same as the one mentioned on the credit card.

Chargebacks are always a nuisance and they continue to prevail. Keeping the list of best chargeback sites can help in case you need an instant solution.

Also, you should implement the above-mentioned techniques to prevent yourself from getting charged back.

If you fail to do so, your business may be under the threat of getting blacklisted as there is a limit on the number of chargebacks you can get every month. So, be cautious and avoid chargeback as much as possible.