Planning for the Perfect Event

All organisations want their events to be memorable, for all of the right reasons and none of the wrong ones. New product launches, performance announcements, award galas, exhibitions … whatever the occasion, corporate hospitality event organization requires lots and lots of forward planning.

From the very basics such as working out the number of expected guests, the brainstorming the desired outcome, and establishing a working budget, you need to plan out all of the detailed ways in advance of the big day to ensure that it runs to perfection.

Anyone who regularly plans exhibitions and events will know only too well that even the smallest of misdemeanours can tarnish the impact of the whole event. One of the many common pitfalls for the novice organiser is the supply of tired, cheap or poor-quality furniture. When you are researching potential suppliers for modern furniture hire Brisbane still boasts a select handful of exhibition hire specialists who have been active since the city hosted the World Expo in 1988.

This is a great starting point for anyone looking to hire chairs, tables, reception counters, plinths, stools, lighting, lounges, audio visual (AV) equipment, ottomans, carpet and lockable storage cupboards for an up and coming event.

When a business specializing in this area has been around for over thirty years, they’re clearly doing something right. Long-serving, specialist suppliers will know the ins and outs of the industry and know how to keep customers satisfied, far better than a business without a demonstrable track record, whose prices may at first appear more competitive.

This may seem like a superficial point, but the fact to consider is that corporate events are an extension of your business and brand values. Imagine if your values are closely associated with reliable services, professional experiences and honest integrity, but your customers show up to an event and meet with tired furniture, wobbly tables and AV equipment that keeps failing.

What you really should be considering in the early stages, and when looking to select and partner with the best suppliers for you is how you are going to make your event promote a strong point of difference. The reality of the furniture hire industry is that a lot of hire firms source their furniture and equipment from the same manufacturers as their own competitors.

This, of course, can be problematic in itself; when you spend months planning for an exhibition, only to find out during set-up that your closest competitor’s stand and furnishings look much like your own, then those brand values that you are looking to demonstrate will again stand the chance of being lost.

Another benefit of choosing a more reputable furniture hire business is that they are often able to provide solid advice about what will and won’t work on an exhibition stand layout, or at a corporate event venue. Getting experience and knowledgeable staff involved in the process at an early stage will allow them the opportunity to demonstrate some of the more unique and individual aspects of their hire collection, and ultimately really make your corporate event shine.

One final piece of advice when doing your online research is to narrow your choice of potential suppliers down to a select few whose furniture and hire pieces to look like they are regularly updated. Fashions come and go all too quickly, and someone who is on top of their game will spot the latest design and furniture trends and make sure they’re on top of them before they really manifest in the public eye. After all, is said and done, you most likely want to communicate ‘here and now’ rather than ‘yesteryear’.