Pico Projector: The best presentation tool for production and business

Pico projectors referred as a small battery and handheld projectors are the best companion products for the portable devices like mobile phones, cameras, tablets and even small advanced gadgets. They present the convenient way to project the images and content quickly onto any flat surface like notebooks, walls, food trays and a range of projection screens which are mainly designed for Pico projectors purposely. Today, this sort of projectors utilizes either a laser light source or LED that eliminates the requirement of lamp replacement for the useful longevity of Pico.

Though they are tiny in size, they can display large images up to 100” and good to carry everywhere for sharing content and presentations. It offers a low brightness and declaration compared to the other large size projectors. Being a new and advanced innovation, these Pico projectors are more in demand and are increasing in sales about a million units in a year and expected to grow more quickly in future.

How do these Pico projectors function?

Today, there are many companies producing and developing these Pico projectors and the use of 3 major and advanced technologies are:


· LCoS

· Laser Beam Steering

DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) utilize white light source and a type of filtering method in order to create a different color and brightness on every pixel. In case of Laser Beam Steering, they are different and create one pixel image at a time with the use of the directed laser beam.

Types of Pico projectors

You have four types of Pico projector available, which are:

· USB projector: stands alone to sue USB for power and data and requires a laptop or a tablet to use for any project. They are small projectors and do not comprise battery.

· Stand-alone: This projector receives the input through a USB or S/V cable and cannot present anything unless you use another gadget to flow the captured signal.

· Media–Player: This projector includes a memory card slot to play the files and documents directly from the phone memory. This is considered useful, but lack of suitable controls and file format support makes it less useful in the way it needs to be.

· Embedded projector: This projector in the form of light engine is entrenched inside the gadget like camera, tablet, PDA or phone.

Why buy a Pico projector for business?

It is good to use in every type and size of business and even applicable to students and project managers as it is a versatile and a portable projector device which will be your best companion at work. Due to the advent of various projectors, it is easier to choose your desired portable device and present prospective suppliers, customers, vendors and every person all about your business.

Though it is tiny, it is affordable and good to purchase in the market and enhance work. You can present your graphs, videos and sales chart. Due to the tough competition going on between the types of projectors, it is good to choose the best and the portable device and stay close to it. Maintain your dream of ventures and business as per your planned way with Pico projectors.

What to look for?

After going through various size projectors, you are presented with a healthy style, good in quality, clear display of images and multiple connection equipped projector which is quite small but offers amazing presentation that wonders your colleagues and boss. Just buy it and enhance every business project of yours in a fantastic way. Just pop it into your laptop bag or pocket and enter the meeting hall to make the presentation with the Pico projector ready on the screen.

What makes Pico Projector top in the market?

Its lightweight, amazing performance, compact, feature and small package is what attracts people towards it with a variety of settings. They are versatile and offer a bright and high contrast ratio which is important to present your work and get reviews and consideration from the organization.

Having the ability to connect with the smart phones, tablet, iPhones and other devices, find the projector which meets certain needs and proves to be a challenging task in your business and work to make a sudden presentation and grab the project for success.