Paid Internship – Financial benefit as a bonus to the work experience

Internship is a job training given to the student mostly during the last two years of their school days. It helps the students to gain work experience and the company is benefited by the services of the student.

In Paid Internship, the students are paid for the work that they do during the internship period. In this case along with the work experience, students are benefitted financially. Usually the post will be temporary, but in some cases the company may make them permanent.

The internship can be used by the student to understand whether they would like to stick to the career and if so, they can set up a network of contacts during internship. This will also help students to gain school credit. Paid internship is easily found in professional fields including law, science, medicine, engineering, architecture, advertising, business and technology. The two basic types of internship that exist are:

Work experience internship

Mostly this happens during the second or third year of the student and experience from this helps them to finish the final year of study.

Research internship (graduation) or dissertation internship:

Mostly this happens during the final year of the student. In this, student works under a particular company and does the research work. Another type of internship is Virtual Internship where it can be done virtually through net, mail or mobiles and no physical presence is needed. Paid internships Melbourne is a blessing to the students where they can gain work experience and also get paid for their services.