Overview of Dropbox for Mac OS

Dropbox, the storage for Mac OS allows you to register for free and get an instant free 2GB online storage for your files and data. And in order to increase the space, users can attract new users and enhance their memory up to 8GB. For every new referral, the referred and advertiser receive 250MB of additional space.

Advantages of the application

· Users get 2GB of storage for free

· It keeps on syncing files, even during modification

· Helps you to recover deleted data via Dropbox site

· Permits you to make specific files and data public via the Public Folder

· Allows you to download and upload files via the Dropbox site at any point of time

· Monitors your computer for illegal access.

· Smooth integration with Mac.

· An easy access from anywhere around the world with any mobile device or computer, with the help of an internet connection.

Disadvantages of the application
With so many advantages, Dtopbox is bound to have some disadvantages too.

· Users don’t get a chance to upload the files with encryption. Users can store the files and data in an encrypted disk image and then upload.

· Dropbox developers hold a right to delete files and data from inactive free profiles

· While Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive provides the users with 25GB of storage, Dropox offers just 2GB of it.

How to install the application on Mac?

· The installation of Dropbox on Mac is simple. The system will ask you to make a Dropbox account on www.dropbox.com.

· Enter your first name, last name as well as email

· Create a password

· Click on “I agree to Dropbox terms”

· Click signup

· In order to install Dropbox, you need to visit Dropbox download page

· Once the application is installed, a Dropbox folder appears on your computer.

· Just put your data in the Dropbox folder and it easily upload it

How to uninstall application on Mac
You have to follow a simple way to uninstall the Dropbox on Mac

· Click on the Dropbox icon, tap on the gear icon and finally click on “Quit Dropbox”

· Drag and drop the application to trash from the Apps folder

· Still, the Dropbox folder and the data in it will be intact

· You can finally empty your trash

With this you have learnt how to uninstall dropbox from mac. One thing to remember is when you delete the application, you don’t delete the files. You are still leaving behind the files and folders.