Outstanding Business Leader & Hotel Manager In The USA

There are many famous hotel chains in the world today and most of them have become famous thanks to their business leaders. In the USA today there is one luxury hotel chain that invokes trust and high service quality. The name of this hotel chain is The Pan Pacific Hotels Group. The staff and the people who work here are friendly and some of the best professionals in the hotel and hospitality industry today.

Business Leader

They have earned the respect of guests from not only the USA but across the world too. The man responsible for their outstanding success and fame is Patrick Imbardelli. He has been the President and the CEO of the PPHG chain of hotels and thanks to his excellent management skills, the chain has been the recipient of a number of national and international hotel and hospitality awards.

Patrick has been associated with the hotel and hospitality industry for more than 30 years. It is obvious that he brings with him rich and valuable experience. He shares his experiences with the management and staff of the hotel group and this is what makes him a highly respected and loved figure among everyone who knows him. His subordinates say that he is one of the best hoteliers the country has today.

He is an inspiring leader with amazing motivational skills. For him success involves everyone. He is an outstanding team player and thanks to his friendly attitude, he has successfully influenced his team and staff to put in their best in serving guests and customers.

Patrick is one of the most trustworthy leaders and individuals in the hotel industry today. He emphasizes on the fact that one should be approachable as a leader. The hotel and hospitality industry is a tough domain. There are guests that come from different walks of life. The staff does face challenges when it comes to the expectations of the guests. The onus is to make the guests feel at home when they are under their care.

The personal touch is very important. The skills should come from within. The staff should be ready to go the extra mile to serve guests and give them a memorable stay. Again, when guests are not happy, there are ways to treat them and win them over to your side.

Patience and tolerance is needed. The eagerness to serve is also important. Patrick guides and counsels his subordinates on how they can effectively keep dissatisfied guests happy without feeling negative. He teaches them positive interaction skills. He is an excellent team manager, customer care and service guide. Thanks to his presence, the PPHG chain of hotels is one of the most popular and well loved luxury hotels in the world.

It has locations in 12 nations and all the hotels sport great reviews when it comes to the delivery of quality standards and customer service. Patrick Imbardelli has played a key instrumental role in the success of the PPHG chain and is widely revered for his valuable contribution even today!