NuWave PIC- the 6 features of revolutionary portable induction cooktop

The days of conventional mediums to cook are gone. Now most of the households prefer induction cook tops which are effective to cook faster and safer. In the world where several companies develop premium induction cook tops, the latest NuWave PIC is regarded as one of the most effective devices that are available. Launched by one of the most celebrated companies, this device promises more features and benefits to the user.

NuWave PIC

The conventional mediums refer to the using the CNG gas and electric or petroleum enable stove which takes a lot of time to cook and also the user is subjected to numerous threats and hazards. Often the homemakers while using these devices burn the food or boil over.

These devices also lack the necessary safety features and hence the chances of getting blisters and even in more unfortunate situations, catching fire is also possible. But the users of NuWave PIC are completely safe and secure from all these hazards.

The developers of this NuWave PIC describes it as an all in one machine which is enriched with six necessary features. These six features separate it from the other induction cooktops:

  • The device uses the latest induction technology which warms the pan placed on it but the device remains cool. Hence, there is no chance of getting injuries with the heating.
  • The device is much more energy efficient than the other similar devices. When compared to the other conventional cooking devices, it uses up to 90% less energy than the gas or stove.
  • It is versatile device which can perform multiple functions. It can used for boiling, simmering, deep-frying, steaming, searing and many more functions. The various functions will allow to prepare any dish according to wish.
  • The device is augmented with a detailed control panel through which the user can control and maintain different temperatures and other settings. This temperature control requires no coils or open flame of the device that eliminates the risk of fire.
  • The device can be cleaned easily without any hassles. Spills wont get burnt or stick to the surface which ensures cleaning and its maintenance a simple cakewalk.
  • It uses the latest technology to cook the food ensures twice as heat produced by the conventional devices. Hence, cooking becomes easier and quicker for the people.

The NuWave PIC device is very easy to use and hence it the home makers can easily replace their current devices with this new one. It comes with a ceramic fry pan which the users can use to cook. This device is already bought by many people who have expressed their appreciation and acknowledgment that it has made their daily chores easier and also interesting. With the use of this device, cooking can be made in three steps.

It is just like a private chef where the home makers and other users can put the food inside setting the accurate temperature, timing and procedure and then sit back and relax. The food will be ready within the stipulated time. Hence, if you want to augment your kitchen, buy this revolutionary product and ensure hassle-free cooking.