News and Views on IPad 3

The ipad 3 is believed to be quite an upgrade from the previous ipad 2 and ipad and therefore there is so much frenzy across the web and in every circle about the possible ipad 3 release date and specifications.

The actual date of apple ipad 3 release is still unknown, however. The bloggers who are avid followers of Apple can be credited with most of the ipad 3 news which started even before ipad 2 was out in the market for sale.

IPad 3

Prototypes and Concept Pictures

A lot of concept pictures and prototypes are also available on net probably due to the leaks by manufacturers like Foxconn. While some concept pictures are just for fun and it is highly unlikely that they will ever turn in to reality, there were some prototypes displayed earlier that resembled very closely in look and feel with the original ones released later.

Mac magazine’s prototype before the launch of iPhone 4 was quite similar to the actual iPhone 4 that was released out later. So the prototypes they have released this year in anticipation of ipad 3 release can again prove to be like original ipad 3 to be launched later.

Retina Display

The current apple tablet that is in the market, the ipad 2, when launched had its own share of surprises and setbacks. One of the setbacks was the absence of “retina display” that is already present in i-Phone 4. LG and apple following bloggers have recently given us some glimpse of the features of ipad 3. Young Soo Kwonthe CEO of LG has indicated about using the retina display on ipad 3 in his statement: “more smartphone manufacturers will release new models employing LG’s Retina Display that has been used in iPhones and ipads.”

Apple is currently having a dispute with its long time partner Samsung due to Samsung’s release of Galaxy line of high end phones and tablets. Apple claims that these devices are way too similar to apple products. Thus LG will certainly be the first choice of apple to manufacture the display for their ipad. The number of pixels in the retina display is truly double that of in the current ipad 2.It is believed to be 2048 x 1536 pixels. The number of pixels per inch (pixel density) is higher than our eyes can process or deal with that’s why the name retina displays is given by Apple.

Some Improvements Expected

The apple ipad 2 was provided with dual cameras however the cameras were not up to the mark by Apple’s standard. So iPad 3 news has it that the cameras will be improved in quality.

Another weakness with ipads that prevents it from becoming the future of computing is the lack of proper two way communication. The virtual keypads are not at par with the real hardware keyboard in terms of performance. A bluetooth keyboard or a slider keyboard can address this difficulty.

Apple on the other hand closely guards the leak of any information about the future release of their products. This helps them to maintain the hype about their product which is considered to be a good tactic for marketing. Still Apple always suffers from leaks about their future launches.