New Zealand University launches World First Nationwide 24/7 monitored personal safety services for International Students

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) launches a world first nationwide 24/7 monitored personal safety service for their international students.

A just released Student Insight report carried out by the British Council’s Education Intelligence Unit reports, “as international student mobility grows worldwide the number of reported attacks on students has been increasing and students are becoming more aware of the risks they face when studying abroad.”

In the USA the recent fatal beating of a graduate student from China at a prominent university in California who was walking back to his dorm room after a meeting with his study group has escalated the concerns on the overall safety and security of international students studying abroad.

In India, students, parents and agents agreed, “without exception” safety has become a huge concern when considering overseas study.

While many institutions look to upgrade or improve their on campus safety little to nothing is offered to international students for their safety off campus.

As part of their commitment to student personal safety Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is launching a new personal safety service, 2Life Help, for their international students.  With the 2Life Help service, AUT becomes the first university in the world to offer its students a comprehensive 24/7 monitored, personal safety services both on and off-campus.

2Life Help, is provided by 2Life an Auckland based technology start-up, in collaboration with Skyhook Wireless and First Security (New Zealand’s largest security patrol fleet).

“Accurate location information is critical to ensuring a prompt notification, dispatch, arrival and delivery off what often is life-saving assistance”, noted Glenn Chapman of First Security. 2Life’s location network, software technology and suite of network providers satisfied us it offers the best solution in the market.

Upon activation of the service (by pressing the 2Life Help icon on their smartphone) users are linked to 2Life call centre operators who will know the caller’s location, have access to their personal details, can initiate two-way communication, can track their location (even if they are on the move), can evaluate the situation and get them the help they need (Ambulance, Fire, Police, Security Guard Patrol, Vehicle Breakdown Assistance or a Safe Ride Home).  Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean speaking operators are available to assist when required.

The service was initiated by AUT to provide their international students with a comprehensive personal safety solution during their stay in New Zealand, and their parents with the peace of mind in knowing that if their child requires assistance of any kind 2Life will provide it for them.

“For many families when deciding to send their child overseas to study their biggest worry is,‘who will help my son or daughter in an emergency? Who can my child turn to for help, if they are lost, confused, frightened or simply find themselves in a distressing or unsafe situation?’  Now whenever your child needs help, all they need do is press the 2Life Help icon and we’ll get them the help they need”, said Mike Hutcheson, Executive Director, of 2Life.

In 2015, 2Life Help will be available for all overseas students studying in New Zealand.

For media inquiries please contact:  Stephen Katz Founder 2Life or M +64 (0) 21 539 689 | P +64 (0)9 379 8188 | W