Navi Bunny: Spend Your Leisure With Fun And Enjoyment

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The Game from Apps & Smiles

Apps & Smiles was founded during the summer of 2014 by a popular Mobile Apps Developer and UX Designer. This website puts its best endeavor in bringing joy and happiness to the faces of people from around the world. 
Their apps are specially designed with great love and by keeping the user in mind. They promise to render their users with some of the most fun and enjoyable games and continued hours of great entertainment and enjoyment. It is one option or online website that can easily transform you into the world where different types of apps are developed with smile for the generation of fun and happiness. Apps & Smiles delivers fun apps for all sorts of people.

The Release of Navi Bunny App for Android Smart Phones and iPhone

The Navi Bunny for Android smart phones and iPhone was released by apps & smiles on 3rd September, 2014. It is the very first app from this company and is also available for free from Google Play and Apple’s app store. When you look at her, she neither appears as a plane or a bird. It is in its totality Navi Bunny. 
Navi is basically a very special type of bunny who looks enviously at birds flying throughout the sky, flapping their wings. This has been done by Navi Bunny all her life. She dreams of a day in her life when she also would have wings and would soar high above the ground. With this keen motivation of fulfilling her dream, she spends long hours and even days experimenting and thinking on the ways of achieving her goal. 
Post several months of sleepless days, long nights and hard work, she finally succeeds. Navi is found building the very first jet pack meant for bunnies. Very excited at the success that she got, Navi strapped herself to her jet pack and positioned her hands onto the handles of the jet pack preparing and ready to be the first bunny ever to fly. 
This is a game where apps & smiles invite their visitors to join in and help Navi Bunny in fulfilling her dream by tapping on the screen and managing to keep her in air, trying to avoid obstacles and navigating safely through different worlds.

The Owner’s Dedication to His Wife

The company’s owner has dedicated this wonderful and exciting game to his wife since she never stops to amaze the owner with the affection and the love she has and also because she has got their first baby into the world. 
This game is truly dedicated to the lovely wife of the company’s owner and it is sure to lend you some fulfilling hours of fun and enjoyment. For playing the game you may viist here:!navi-bunny-app/c1dzb