Most Popular Mobile Chip and PIN Machines Useful for Your Business

Countertop card machines, mobile card machines and portable card machines are the advanced devices created to improve the transactions and security of the payments and protect the card providers and consumers from the increasing level of fraud cases.

Advanced and secure Pin number and card readers take the payments from customers in short time on any floor of the store and restaurant. For convenience and better payments, chip and Pin card machines are the most accepted mode of payment today all over the world and found to take a leading position in the majority of businesses online and off-site as well.

Being an independent way to help the developed and medium sized business, the devices act in the form of independent support to save time for the entrepreneurs through easy and fast transactions. In that regard, iZettle is found to be easy for the professionals, business organizations and to the entrepreneurs to get started with models of card machines as per convenience.

Simplest way to pay and be free from frauds

Today, it is found that consumers are more dependent on the cashless shopping, credit and debit cards are becoming the fastest way of payment mode to shop and get benefits. Sometimes, not accepting the cards leads to loss in business which makes the merchants to look for the card accepting machines at the best transaction point. iZettle is the whole and sole medium of machines that changes the process of transactions.

A pioneer in the mobile point of sales, its effect on the card readers work high with the use of advanced smart phone apps which means the sellers can take the payments anytime and from anywhere in a convenient way. The method operates on a certain pay from your tablet and phone which is rocking in the world of card payments.

It is found that traders with the use of Chip and PIN machines receive the support services that are more advanced than the earlier mode of transactions and successfully complete the work from any network. As this is the ultimate choice, look for the machines and card readers, which offers bonus and attracts customers to opt the service and consider it worthy.

Intuit machine

This machine accepts the payments over the phone or faces to face and is a trusted brand in the competitive market. It offers a service that permits the large scale and medium size business to accept the payments with a mobile chip and Pin machine or from online. No need to think about its function with smart devices as you can process the payments taking the card online, over the phone or through mail order. Available in the form of lightweight card reader, it fits in the pocket and has a swipe facility to take the payments in minutes. In order to charge, USB cable is available to charge the machine and present the electronic receipts of payments.

iZettle – Pro Chip and PIN Machine

Being a pioneer in mobile point ales and services, it offers a contactless card reading option to accept payments from any corner of the world. It presents two types of card readers which are advanced and free for every business supporting countless payments with more features. To the point this machine accepts, V pay, Visa Master Card, American Express and Visa Electron

For it, small business needs to have a merchant account which is important to be competitive and make it the most highly usable machines in business to send receipts through email if necessary. Above all iZettle is best advised for Android and IOS devices and works with Bluetooth charging 2.75 % per every transaction. It has met with the highest level of payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and awarded as the best by the international council for its work and features.


This advanced machine with amazing features in the form of chip and PIN machine is the best for business and small scale entrepreneurs to manage several tasks from a single account. It functions with a mobile printer and is endorsed by Apple for the receipts. Being a free app, it is compatible with IOS and Android devices.


· Available with Micro USB plug for charging

· Comes with 3.5cm OLED displays

· Black in color measuring 9.5cm x 7cm x 1.75cm

· Available with a chip reader at the bottom as a convenient mode of taking payments.

Yet, these card readers and Pin machines are the best machines with safety regarding accepting the payments and working with the apps that are compatible with the smart and android devices of present times in the card payment industry as well.

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