Milan and Venice: Incredible North-Italian Adventure

A trip to Italy is probably a cherished dream of many, even of the most inveterate travelers. Every city of this amazing country is unique and can show you something new and interesting.
Therefore, it’s not enough to visit any particular destination to feel what the real Italy is, and you should travel to at least a few ones. For example, Milan and Venice – two opposite, but at the same time most impressive cities that reveal genuine Italian versatility. So, if you want to discover them combining into one unforgettable trip, check out some great ideas…


Welcome to Milan, the city of fashion and Italian industry!

Well, Milan – is a real “new Italy”. The bustling metropolis, the second city after Rome, Milan is one of the top world’s design centers, where Fashion Week is held. The city is home for famous fashion brands and has lots of clothing stores, malls and outlets offering first-class shopping opportunities for its visitors.
But Milan is not only the center of endless shopping, and it can also be proud of the following amazing sights:

Duomo Square and the Duomo Cathedral
The Duomo Square – is the heart of Milan, protected by the world’s most enormous Gothic cathedral. This amazing 157-meters-high building strikes your imagination just at first glance: it’s decorated with more than 2000 marble statues and 135 large lacy spiers. The interior of the cathedral also underlines the greatness and power of the Duomo – sparkling stained glass windows create an incredible play of light and numerous statues inside the cathedral become alive.

Sforzesco Castle
The castle keeps Milan’s centuries-old history and shows what the city was more than 500 years ago. Sforzesco is a huge complex consisting of high towers and massive defensive walls, which provides a unique chance to touch the medieval Milan and also explore the works of art visiting several museums located inside of the castle.

The Opera House
Teatro alla Scala is the next Milan’s must-visit sight and the most suitable place to get acquainted with rich cultural life of the city. The stage of La Scala is very popular, so it’s not a secret that lots of the world-known opera stars usually appear there. Nowadays you can enjoy any performance in the theatre or get a guided opera-tour.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Without a doubt, this is not a common museum. Its collection mostly consists of different engineering devices of Leonardo da Vinci: sailing ships, planes, trams and trains and much more. The museum also keeps the incredible masterpieces of the great master, so, this sight of Milan shouldn’t be skipped.

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And now, enjoy Venice – a charming city situated on the water!

Venice – is a wonderful destination where every corner and place is like from a romantic movie. Its endless canals and cozy houses create a very special ambience, and, when you get to this city, sometimes it even seems that the time stops. Well, let’s explore the best of Venice…

The Grand Canal
This is the S-shaped channel passing through the whole Venice that also divides the historic center of the city into 2 parts. Making a boat trip which usually starts from the train station Santa Lucia, you can admire the impressive Venetian architecture and easily get to the St. Mark’s Square – another famous spot of Venice. Each year, on the 1st weekend of September, the Grand Canal Historical Regatta is held there, and, actually, this is the perfect moment for a trip to this city.

St. Mark’s Square
St. Mark’s Square – is the major destination in Venice, surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and clothing stores. You can stroll around the square, visit the St. Mark’s Cathedral and world-famous Palazzo Ducale. Palazzo Ducale is a fascinating symbol of Venice that keeps many important events of the former Venetian Republic during the whole period of its existence. St. Mark’s Chapel is the next magnificent construction located on the square: from the height of almost 100 meters you’ll get the spectacular panoramas of Venice.  By the way, St. Mark’s square is considered to be the most beautiful in the world, and you shouldn’t miss it during your Italian weekend anyway.

Rialto Bridge
Being the oldest Venice’s bridge, it connects the two banks of the Grand Canal. Originally, it was a wooden bridge, but after several destructions, in 1591 the bridge was finally built in stone. So, nowadays the Rialto Bridge, together with jewelry stores and souvenir shops located on it, is an iconic sight of Venice that gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy outstanding sunset views of the city.

As you can see, Milan and Venice are very different Italian destinations, but despite this, they fully open a true face of Italy and, of course, provide an unforgettable journey for you.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a freelancer, blogger, and travel journalist. She enjoys traveling the world and exploring the great attractions