Meet The Entrepreneur Who Has Redefined Business

Maximum number of people loves to be in the profession of business because they love to stay independent. Although anybody with capitals can start a business but becoming a successful businessman is not that easy. Among the large numbers of businessmen present in the world; only a handful of them are considered as successful because of their success and contribution to the world of business.


Anura Perera Kenya is one such successful businessman who with his hard work, determination and will power has been able to make it big. An ex sales professional at Caterpillar, Inc., Anura Leslie Perera is a legendary international entrepreneur who has built an international business and founded a prudently engineered network of business partnerships.

However, beyond his professional achievement, Anura struggles for the development of humanity by supporting multiple philanthropic determinations. Anura’s humane principle is in agreement with that of Bhante Wilama. Bhante Wilama is the founder of The Triple Gem Society’s. This principle is fastened on the belief that community service assists not only those who are in extreme necessity of support, but also aids and advances the philanthropists and volunteers themselves.

Before becoming a successful businessman he started his career as an engineer in Caterpillar Inc. He is a lifetime member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) that endorses the science, art, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and related sciences. After his stint at Caterpillar, Anura sought to develop his interests into the areas of the installation of communications networks and shipbuilding. Via George Phylnormel Foundation, Mr. Perera has helped to fund and construct the Nairobi Buddhist Temple in Nairobi, Kenya.

Anura has also been a part of Triple Gem Society which is a Buddhist organization. The organization aims to help people have contented, more serene lives by coaching meditation and other hands-on life-improving tools and to provide humanitarian relief to lessen misery around the world and develop the lives of those who are in need. Mr. Perera knows how to split time between duties for the Singapore aerospace manufacturer Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd. and George Phylnormel Foundation.

Anura Leslie Perera has been able to find success via his prudently engineered network of business partnerships with other company executives, businesspersons, and private individuals. At present, he owns assets in four continents which include Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. He states that in order to become a successful business one should have the right target and motive and should have the curiosity to know more. Moreover, they should include philanthropy as the main business practice in order to become successful.

Today, Anura Perera Kenya is part of numerous charitable organizations and leads a network of worldwide entrepreneurs who aim to make the world a better place for one and all. When he is not working in the leisure hours, he enjoys reading and playing cricket.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Anura Leslie Perera is the entrepreneur who has redefined business.