Meet a Brilliant Businesswoman With Deep Compassion Towards Society

There are several businessmen and women who have gone the extra mile to contribute to not only their companies but to the community as a whole. In Honolulu, there is an inspiring example of a woman entrepreneur who is not only known for her brilliant entrepreneurial skills but also her immense kindness and compassion to society. The name of this amazing woman is Kimberly Wang Dey!

Kimberly Wang Dey

Kimberly Wang Dey is an esteemed entrepreneur based in Hawaii. She is presently the CEO and owner of Number Eight (N8) and the daughter of Charles Wang. As a business leader of her Company, she is in charge of corporate strategy, business arrangement management, aligning and pursuing the business goals of the organization.

Besides being an esteemed and popular business entrepreneur, Kimberly also loves horses. This passion of hers has led her to establish her very own horse breeding business. She loves horses. Her horses have participated in several sports competitions and they have won many awards as well. She takes great care of them and grooms them well. Thanks to her love and care, her horses have won both national and international awards. She is the first American Asian to have won The World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider completion for two consecutive years. She herself is an accomplished horse rider and serves on the Board of Advisors at Aina Koa Pono LLC.

Kimberly is also deeply involved in charitable activities as well. She is the Vice-President for the Charles B Wang International Foundation owned by her father Charles B Wang. This unique organizations focuses on charitable activities for children and cross cultural affairs. Thanks to her expert guidance and managerial skills, this esteemed charitable institution provides financial assistance to several local organizations namely, ASSETS School, the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, Le Jardin Academy, Special Olympics Hawaii and the Kapiolani Medical Center with five million dollars.

She has won a number of prestigious awards and some of the notable ones are “40 under 40” in 2003. She was also the finalist for the popular award-“Women Who Mean Business”. Kimberly is also an entrepreneur of many talents. She is very driven and motivated. Her love for horses has inspired her to create a scholarship program with The American Quarter Horse Association. It gives athletes the opportunity to get college scholarships and harness their love for horses. She has contributed to the community at large and became the Chairperson of The Je Jardin Board of Trustees in 2007.  She is a compassionate human being and has donated $20 million to school expansion projects.

Kimberly Wang Dey is an inspiring entrepreneur and motivation for young people today. She leads by example and gives them valuable lessons on business strategy and skills. She is skilled and goal oriented. She believes in giving back to society and is also the leader of all the communities she serves. Her mission is not just to enhance and build her business. She has the sole passion to be of service to the community at large and also help the underprivileged with her kindness and compassion.